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Preparation of Your Project Report
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Abstract—This template provides you guidelines for preparing your project report for TELE8083.
Index Terms—Enter key words or phrases in alphabetical order, separated by commas. For instance,
“IoT, mmWave, smart grid, spectrum sharing.”
This document is a template for your project report. You shall closely follow this format, and any changes of the font size and line spacing are not allowed.
The project scope and requirements for the final report are detailed in the next Section.
A. Project Scope and Requirements
You have been allocated a topic area for your report (see the file
StudentProjectTopicAllocation.pdf on iLearn).
There is another file on iLearn called PaperTitles that lists reference papers for each of the topics. For your topic, you are required to:
• read at least 3 of the papers listed
• find and read at least 3 other papers (not on the list) on the same topic • write a critical review of your topic which includes:
o summarizing and referencing the papers (at least 3) that you chose from the list
o include additional information from other papers that you found yourself, including proper referencing of these papers. You don’t necessarily have to summarize these papers, but you can do so, and you should at least use these additional papers to back up your statements/arguments. You are required to demonstrate good overall understanding and coverage of the topic in general, as well as a degree of detailed understanding of the three selected papers.
Your report will be assessed as to the quality of the abstract and introduction, the use of figures in illustrating your points, the relevance and use of the references you have obtained, the strength of the take-home messages/conclusions that you have reached, and the overall level of content in the report.
B. Final Report Format
The final report must be written as a review article in the format that would be submitted for publication in an IEEE journal, with abstract, index terms, introduction, main body, conclusions and references.
You shall use this word template to prepare your final report. In particular, for the main body, the font is Times New Roman of size 12, and the line spacing is set to be 1.05 lines. For the References, the font is Times New Roman of size 10. The page margins are set to be 2.5cm for both the top and bottom, and at least 3cm for both the left and right, corresponding to the normal margin setting in Microsoft Word.
Reports are expected to be roughly 10 pages in length with the above formatting.
When submitting the report, it needs to be in pdf format, uploaded through iLearn.
III. NEW SECTION The report may have multiple sections in the main body.
This is the Conclusions section.
[1] A. Author, “Example title of paper”, IEEE Transactions on Something, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 1-8.
[2] …

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