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Assessment 3 Information
Subject Code: MBA509
Subject Name: Artificial Intelligence programming for business analytics
Assessment Title: Video Role Play
Assessment Type: Video Recording
Word Count: 10 Minutes (+/-10%)
Weighting: 30%
Total Marks: 30
Submission: Video submission on MyKBS
Due Date: Monday, Week 13 (23.55pm AEST)
Your Task
You are required to:
1. Research Neural Networks, LSTMs, Attention, and Perceiver AI.
2. Create a 5-slide pitch on how perceiver AI could be used address problems in the global luxury brands industry.
3. Record a 10-minute video presentation and uploaded to MyKBS.
Perceiver AI is a super neural network that can take as input the combinations of all kinds of unstructured data, such as audio, video, image, artificial vision, and human languages. Imagine that you are the head of an AI start-up that uses Perceiver AI that can create personalised recommendations and deliver them across any website/app as well as social media platforms. You are presenting to business representatives of global luxury brands to convey what opportunities this new technology (Perceiver AI) can create for the industry.
Perceiver AI Resources
Refer to the below sources and/or your own research:
Assessment Instructions
Section 1: Research (10 marks)
1. Describe Recurrent Neural Networks and how they facilitate learning (100 words) (2 marks).
2. Describe Long-Short-Term-Memory (LSTM) cells, especially how LSTMs advance the capabilities of Neural Networks (100 words) (2 marks).
3. Describe Transformer AI, focusing on attention mechanisms and how they advance the capabilities of Neural Networks (100 words) (2 marks).
4. Describe Perceiver AI and explain how it is an evolutionary step from Recurrent Neural Networks, LSTMs and Attention mechanisms (100 words) (4 marks).
You can refer to resources above together with some of your own research. Upload your answers on Turnitin in the assessment table.
Section 2: Application (10 marks)
You are presenting to representatives from the global luxury brands industry about the opportunities perceiver AI has for their industry. Consider the fact that this is a non-technical audience and prepare a 5-slide pitch deck to address the below:
1. Identify two key problems in the luxury brands industry (3 marks).
2. Create a 5-slide pitch deck to pitch Perceiver AI as a solution for the problems you identified to a non-specialist business audience (7 marks).
You do not need to submit the slides on Turnitin but please use them in your video in Section 3.
Section 3: Video presentation (10 marks)
1. Record a video presenting your 5 slides to representatives from the global luxury brands industry.
2. Communicate in an engaging and relevant way to a non-specialist business audience.
3. Persuade the audience that Perceiver AI is relevant to solving problems in their industry.
Ensure your presentation sticks to 5 slides and 10 minutes. Submit your video on MyKBS in the assessment table.
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Assessment Marking Guide
MBA509 Assessment 3
Rubric /30
Section 1: Research
0-5 6-10 /10
Has demonstrated limited achievement:
Described some components of Neural Networks relevant to Transformer and Perceiver AI.
Struggled to articulate how Neural Networks evolved into Transformer and Perceiver AI technology.
Failed to address the question in a brief and targeted way.
Has achieved all or most of:
Described the components of Neural
Networks that form Transformer and Perceiver AI and focused on key points to create a brief, targeted description.
Synthesised the evolution of Neural Networks to describe the operation of Perceiver AI.
Section 2: Application
0-5 6-10 /10
Has demonstrated limited achievement:
Identified problems in the industry not entirely suited to an AI solution.
Constructed five or more slides which do not entirely focus on information relevant to a non-technical business audience. Made a weak link between Perceiver AI and business solutions. Has achieved all or most of:
Identified two relevant industry problems which could be addressed with Perceiver
Constructed five slides of easy-tounderstand information conveying to a nontechnical audience how Perceiver AI can address the two key problems.
Focused on key information relevant to the audience.
Section 3: Video
0-5 6-10 /10
Has demonstrated limited achievement:
Presented some relevant information to a non-technical, business audience but failed to identify which information was key to their interests.
Communicated concepts in a way which was not engaging to the given audience by an over-emphasis on technical detail.
Alluded to the connection between
Perceiver AI and business solutions without a convincing argument. Has achieved all or most of:
Presented relevant information to a nontechnical, business audience and considered the time limit.
Communicated concepts in an engaging way, avoiding unnecessary jargon. Persuaded the audience about the applicability of Perceiver AI to business problems in their industry.