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This is an important message concerning the Final Assessment for 7113IBA Enterprise Mobility.
The Final Assessment (including the submission point) will open on Monday the 11th of October at 00:01 and close Friday the 13th of October at 23:59. You will have 3 full days to complete the task.
It consists of four (4), in-depth, essay questions worth 50 marks (50% of the course's overall assessment). Each question's answer should not exceed 500 words (+/-10%). Although the questions will only be available on Monday the 11th of October, the study guidelines below indicate the topics that they will address.
The final assessment looks for an 'in-depth' understanding of topics selected amongst those covered during the course. Students are also required to critically appraise methods and theory when adopted as a technology and, where appropriate, with realistically foreseeable outcomes. In so doing, the assessment gives students the opportunity to show how the selected topics relate to modern visions of EM at a practical level.
You should consider or, discuss/seek advice on what 'in-depth' understanding signifies in term of the assessment requirements as it has connotations related to the ability to critically appraise methods and theory and explain how it can be best applied to praxis. An well-rounded awareness of state of the art EM is imperative to be able to provide a good functional vision of technology adoption with scalable architecture, supporting work flow and setup optimisation.

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