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ENG305 Safety , Risk and Reliability
Assignment 3 : Risk Assessment Report ( Environment, Fire, Explosion )
In assignment 2 , you let your imagination roam to ask as many relevant questions as you could in order to be ahead of the game and formulate good planning which optimized safety and minimized risks and hazards. In this assignment you will go on to the next stage and do a “Risk Assessment“ (RA) report about the electric vehicle manufacturing plant and operation situation. Please now consider a prioritized range of operational hazards (ranked in your own order of importance) together with any environmental, fire and explosion hazards and do a risk analysis on them.
Please make use of some of the appropriate questions you posed in assignment 2 to complete this assignment. You must include a consideration of environment, fire and explosion hazards. At this stage you do not need to introduce control measures, you just need to identify and categorize risk. We will move on to control measures and applications in assignment 4.
In this report you will identify various hazards and then discuss how and why you have given each one a certain probability and then a consideration of consequences, to come up with a risk value. The key to this assignment is the practice in evaluating the probabilities and consequences ( now that you have some practice in asking the right questions). Please use the posted material to help give you some consistency across probability and consequence judgements and in keeping with industry conventions.
You need to do a report in Technical Report format of approx. 3,000 words together with an appendix containing your risk analysis. Please use the conventional RA layout in a spreadsheet to show your understanding of this technique. You may do them as either separate analyses or combine them into one. Please make use of the material posted on learnline at weeks 6 and 7 as well as your own research. Please use your prior work in assignment 2 to identify possible hazards.
Refer to the marking rubric for report structure.