Recent Question/Assignment

PART 1A: CYBER ATTACKS: ANALYSIS OF A REAL-WORLD INCIDENT A list of selected real-world cyber security incidents is included below*.
1. Colonial Pipeline, May 2021
? A brief overview of the incident
? An explanation of who was affected by the incident
? The nature and type of cyber attack
? The severity of the cyber attack
? Threat actors and their motivates (if any)
? Any identified Indicators of Compromise (IOCs)
? The elements of security that were compromised (i.e. the C.I.A. Triad)
? The systems, data or users affected
? The vulnerability or vulnerabilities exploited (if known)
? Actions taken to control and prevent further damage ? Lessons learned
Your report should follow the structure below:
? Title/Section page
? Introduction
? Incident overview
? Incident analysis
? Lessons learned ? Conclusion
? References You should aim for around 2000-2500 words for Part 1A
Based on all the available information from the incident in Part 1A, describe or outline a possible Cyber Kill Chain.
You may wish to include any diagrams or illustrations to support your answer. This should be a maximum of 350 words
Carrying out your own research on the Fastly Content Delivery Network (CDN) internet outage in June 2021.
a. Briefly explain the incident (maximum 100 words)
b. Discuss the incident response and disaster strategies that companies affected by this event should implement. (maximum 200 words)
c. Create a 'Business Continuity' Information Security policy document for the event (maximum 2 pages
References a.
All references must be in the appropriate Harvard referencing style
b. You must use a sufficient number of suitable scholarly references