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2.2.2 Formative 1
Week 7 Find a gap in practice for evidence translation - Formative Assessment 1
Introduction to the Formative assessment Upon completing this lesson, you should be able to: • Find a knowledge gap in practice
Assessment task 1. Choose a clinical case in your recent placement or a scenario in your current module e.g.. year 2 science as the basis for your topic. 2. Write a bnef background to justify the case you have chosen. 3. Write a clinical question based on the PICO framework: what is the clinical question that will allow for the investigation of the issue? 4. Write a literature search strategy to locate 1 Systematic review paper 5. Appraise the SR. and extract the evidence 6. Bring your PowerPoint for presentation as a formative assignment
Word Limit Type Weighting Due date
500 PowerPoint Oral Presentation 0% As shown on timetable
1.1.3 Formative 2
Assessment Title Elevator pitch of your Poster
Learning Outcomes 1
Assessment Task Design a poster describing a clinical question with a rationale for its choice, the . 1 process used to identify the systematic review, a summary of the quality of the review findings and the factors that will affect their translation into practice. 1. Use the template provided for formative 2 assessment to complete a 5-minute oral presentation of your poster 2. Bring your Poster presentation to week s class to present as formative 2 assignment 3. Participate in an in-class 5-minute elevator pitch to defend your poster
Word Limit Type Weighting Due
5 minutes Oral Assignment 0% As shown on timetable