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UU114 English for Academic Purposes
Assignment 2: Report Writing (15%) 1000 – 1500 words
Due date: 29 October 2021
Mandated strategies: Community survey
Different governaments have different approaches to the preventative strategies they apply to protect their citizens from Covid-19. Common strategies include the wearing of masks, physical distancing, being gurantined, regular washing of hands, avoiding crowds, being vaccinated, etc. But people hold different opinions about observing some or all of these strategies based on varied reasons.
TASK: Select between 10-12 people in your community and conduct a survey on their opinions about mandated strategies to counter covid-19.
Terms of Reference:
1) To find out how knowledgeable people are about the effects of covid-19.
2) To find out what mandated strategies governmne has put in place to counter covid-19.
3) To find out if people agree or disagree with the mandated strategies stated above.
4) To evaluate people’s reasons on why they agree or disagree with the strategies.
5) To make recommendations on ways the community can best protect itself from covid-19.
In the report, you must refer to at least four sources (both print and electronic), and provide a bibliography.