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Word Count: 3200-3500 Weighting: 40% Due date: Nov 4th 11.59pm
(20% +20%)
Social Network Analysis (SNA) Report
The main aim of this assignment is to start you thinking about social network analysis and strategy. Your first step will be to form a group of 3 or 4 members and to select an industry. Each group member will then need to pick one organisation (within the chosen industry) that is active on Twitter (please check on Twitter!). If a group has 3 members, then there will be 3 organisations, otherwise, if there are 4 members, then 4 organisations will be featured in the report.
Each group member will need to produce their own analysis before a summary of results is put together for the industry. Once the industry and organisations are selected, please consult your tutor for approval as your step 2. No two students should feature the same organisations in their analysis.
Step 3 is to understand the organisations social media footprint. Here, each member needs to review how many platforms the selected organisation currently exist on (e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, Instagram etc). Your team will need to understand how and what each platform is used for and how many accounts each firm has for each platform. Some firms have more than one account in each platform to represent different business streams. This will also include details such as likes, favourites, followers, following etc. For example, IBM may have 5 other (peripheral) twitter accounts apart from the main account. Groups will need to make a note of each platform and carefully observe/analyse each account and the interactions within to interpret the social media footprint.
Your 4th step will require you to map a SNA on your chosen organisation using NodeXL. Each member must be conversant with the software and be able to run analysis and interpret the data of their chosen organisation/Twitter account. Your group report should have the following (i.e. one for each member):
• Organisation background and social media footprint
• Agenda for each social media platform and account-specific
• An analysis on chosen account Twitter and the threads within
• What was the SNA based upon (and why)
• Number of network members and their interactions
• Clusters / Groups found
• Key network members
• Nature of interaction (in-degree and out-degree) within clusters and externally as well
The 5th step is to draw a summary and conclusion for the overall industry which should include a strategy section discussing what should be considered in future based on their current SNA mapping this could also include comments on the social media platforms. It is essential to show critical analysis and understanding to reflect and offer a strategy to the industry in general but also each organisation.
The 6th step is to present the data in class Week 11/12. This 15mins presentation is worth 20% of the final assessment.
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Submission Requirements. Please take time to read the following.
1. Names of all group members and student id must be included.
2. Only the Team representative will need to submit the file. Save your file as follows: [TeamName.pdf] e.g. TeamSuku.pdf
3. Submission is made as single PDF document only via the Canvas link Assessment Individual Assignment
4. The pdf document should have approximately 3200-3500 words (+/- 10%) inclusive of combined appendices (all SNA mapping)
5. This assignment should be done in a report format and NOT essay. Do include sections such as Executive Summary, Introduction, content by sections, Conclusion and References.
6. Pages of the report should have appropriate headers and should include printed page numbers
7. These sections do NOT form part of the word count (Title page, Abstract, Table of Contents, Page footers/headers and Reference Lists)
8. You must use the Swinburne Harvard Referencing style throughout your report and include an accurate list of references at the end of the report. You can access the correct style from Canvas.
9. The report should be written in 11-12 point font size and should use no more than 1/1.5 line spacing between each line
10. Please make sure that you have a spare copy of the assignment.
Late assignments will result in a lower grade for the assignment in terms of the Universitys Extensions and Late Penalties policies.
Any request for an extension must be directed to the convener. You must include appropriate supporting documentation such as a doctors certificate or a letter from your employer. These forms must be scanned and emailed to the convener as soon as possible.
Assignment Hints and Tips:
• The tutor could provide general feedback during class.
• Students who skip classes may struggle to pass this assignment, given each student is required to do their own analysis.
• If youre unsure of the structural differences between a report and an essay, please seek help from the library or learning support centre.
• It is essential to read widely and use your own words to describe/discuss your thoughts. Regurgitating or copying word for word will lead to severe reduction in marks.
• IMPORTANT: Plagiarism – the action or practise of taking and using as ones own, the thoughts, writings or other work of someone else – is not condoned by the University and severe penalties will be imposed where plagiarism is detected. Examples of plagiarism range from copying a passage from a book or another persons assignment without appropriate acknowledgement, using another students computer program, or submitting identical assignments. All assignments will be checked for instances of plagiarism.
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