Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment Task 4: Reflection on professional communication
Type: Reflection Weight: 30%
Due Date: Week 12 Due Time: Sunday 11.55pm
Word Limit: 1,500
Submission: LMS
Unit outcomes assessed:
1. Explain a range of communication theories and strategies.
2. Identify and analyse effective communication practices.
3. Apply effective communication strategies and skills across professional contexts.
Task Description:
Students will write a 1,500 word blog titled ‘reflections on my professional communication’. Although the writing will follow writing conventions appropriate for a blog, the reflections will be influenced by communication theories and strategies.
The blog should mainly can draw upon reflections derived from students’ observations of their communication in professional contexts but may also include the student’s thoughts on their communication observed during assessments 1, 2 and assessment 3.
Students can either present the blog on the template provided on LMS, or for provide a weblink (via LMS) for those who already have a blog and wish to use this.
Students will be assessed on:
Demonstration of the connection and significance of your reflections to professional communication (40 marks)
Interpretation of reflective writing through the conventions of a blog post (30 marks)
Demonstration of quality research (20 marks)
Demonstration of accurate referencing (10 marks)