Recent Question/Assignment

Using Statistics to Answer a Research Question Presentation
Final Assignment Guidelines:
(This assignment is developed from your PICOT question paper that you completed at mid-semester)
• Use no more than 1.2 slides with a: voice over narration for each slide. You may be creative with background and animation for the slide show, but remember that it is the content that is most important.
• Include an introductory slide that states your: name, credentials and title of your presentation.
• Present your research PTCOT question.
• Identify the appropriate statistical test to answer the research question.
• Identify your research variables of interest
• Identify how your variables are measured and match them to the appropriate statistical test
• Identify appropriate assumptions to meet the test.
• Each statistical test comes with a set of assumptions that must be met in order to use the test; conditions that must be satisfied before using the test.
• Explain the assumptions and how you will assure they have been met as well as how to “fix” them if they are “broken.’’
• Provide a justification for the all the choices you made in the decision of which statistic to Use and explain the necessary tests associated with it in terms someone not familiar With it would understand.
• Last slide should be a reference list in APA format.
• Use APA formal for any citations within the PowerPoint.
Grading Rubric of Final Assignment
•• Introductory slide (first) and Reference slide (last) 2 points
• Presentation of research question 5 points
• Statistical test that will answer the research question 15 points
• Identification of appropriate assumptions to meet the test 5 points
• Justification of the choices made regarding selection of the test 5 points
• Example of how statistics would be presented in APA format as if you wrote your results in a journal article (Give an example using sample statistics) 3 points
• Overall quality of presentation 3 points
• Maximum time length of presentation is 12 minutes
• Professionalism, clarity, spelling, verbal explanations 2 points
Total is 40 points which is 20% of course grade
N5Q5: Development of a Research-Question
Identify, an area of interest to you that is related to evidence-based practice in nursing and formulate a PICOT research question. Review the requirements of the final assignment as the . development of this research question, is the foundation of your final assignment. A vital area of research, preparation is ,1he identification of the correct statistical test that will be used to answer a research question in your final assignment in this class.
Prepare a two-page paper that discusses the following:
• Identify your area of nursing interest
• Formulate a research question related to your area of interest; this will be the basis of your final assignment. Use the PICOT format. See the article Asking the Clinical Question: A Key Step in Evidence Based Practice
• Justify, the need/significance for investigating your PICOT question
• Paper must follow APA guidelines, (including title and. reference page). Remember that it is important that A PA papers have an introduction and conclusion.
A research process of nursing is to recognising, spotting, and assessment and examines the data and information which is required to hold up the question of research and then evaluating or developing the ideas of research, The process of research can he divided into seven parts to maintaining it manageable and easier to understand.
1. To recognize and evolve the topic.
2. Historical information
3. Use of catalogues for searching out the media and books.
4, Use of indexes to searching out the periodicals.
5. Search out the additional resources from the internet.
6, Evaluation
7. Citation.
Affirmation established practice in nursing is an amalgamation of research affirmation, proficiency in clinical and a patient’s proclivity. This approach to practice in clinical problem -solving motivates nurses to avail single care of patients.
The incorporation affirmation relies on practice in nursing avail nurses scientific research to: make a proper decision. Through practices based on affirmation, nurses can stay modernise or updated about the innovative techniques, protocols for the care of patients. Practices which are relying oil shreds of evidences enable nurses to find out research so that they can clearly understand the effectiveness of recognised treatments or test. The appealing of practices based on evidence allows a nurse to involve their patients in the plan of care. This enables patients to have a dynamic picture in their own care of health since they can concern voice, share the proclivity and understanding and make recommendations on how they can begin.
The word research is comprised of two words re and search in which're’ means again and afresh and ‘search* means to find out and combined means find out again and again from known to unknown facts. Research is a scientific, chronological, controllable and meaningful investigation and its main aim is to elaborate the part of knowledge and information and also elaborate investigate already developed, phenomena. The main objective of the research is to searching out the solution of a problem and related questions through a research methodology and scientific procedure to avail patient’s quality care on facts which is: based on shreds of evidences.
Research questions are about the illness, diseases, sickness, infections, condition, procedure or things, the types of research questions usually interrogate who, where, what, when, why and how the things like an ailments, test, their treatments, diagnosis, disorders and the other healthcare aspects (Riva, J.Bumie, Malik, & Andccot, 2012).
The principles of PICOT are the best techniques to create or formulate clinical research questions and supervise and ameliorate practices and apply resources with effectiveness and with efficiency. This avail a foundation or base for nursing practice that is based on evidence. This fill-up the difference between the already existing 'known facts (knowledge and practice). It provides reasonable types of actions of nursing (like a tab long vitals). And purify the existing or old information which is not important for the preferable up gradation of the patients (Library).
• P: Population and the problem of the patients ( ailments, diseases, health problem, age, gender, race)
• I; Intercession/infiuence ( particular test, treatments, medication, and therapies)
• C: the comparison and searching outthealtematives ofthe treatment to plan
• O: outcomes and result over the treatment
• T: Time period for the treatment arid to overcome from the disease.
PICOT analysis.
Clinical question: in a peri-menopause female menace for decreasing the density of bone and fragmentation, is the vitamin D and supplementation of calcium is very useful in reducing the risk or chances of fragmentation.
Patients or population and problems: pre- menopause females at risk of reducing the density and fragmentation of bones,
Intervention and exposures: supplementation of calcium and vitamin and vulnerability or exposure to the light of the sun.
Comparison: there is no supplementation and substitute only the dosage of calcium and vitamin recommended in the diet.
Outcome/ results: the density of bone and occurrence of osteoporotic bone fragmentation (Missouri).
My conclusion and outcome in my clinical research question involve the occurrence of bone fragmentation, which was very well described in this research study. Moreover, the fragmentation and fracture are differentiated by the location (like vertebral, non-verbal, lower and upper extremity) and either they would be contemplate osteoporotic, which were favourable contemplate. One result that was not described particularly which may or may not be pertinent was the densify of minerals in bone, which highlighted the procedure of WHO in the diagnostician of osteoporosis, However, I think the research study appropriately describes the adequate clinically necessary results and outcomes.