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. Design, code, compile, test and execute fundamental programming
concepts using a high-level programming language.
LO3. Construct robust, maintainable programs that use object-oriented
analysis and design principles
You are instructed to create a command line application to maintain player and team performances during a T20 cricket tournament. Tournament consists of a one major round. During the round, all teams that are placed in the same group compete each other. Further, the tournament consists of two groups (Group A, Group B). Each group has 4 teams. Overall there will be 8 teams
1. All the functionalities mentioned below needs to be fully implemented. You can create a command line menu to navigate
• Store information about teams and players. You have freedom to decide what you need to store exactly. But player and team profiles needs to be realistic and updated after each match. Also you are not allowed to start the league without properly finalizing team and player profiles.
• Before the league starts, the user can delete/edit player and team profiles and system needs to give separate options for each and every functionality. Also you cannot execute these options after starting the tournament.
• Generate random match: Once again, the generations need to be realistic and follow the rules of cricket. There should not be any option to add match information manually. Starting from the toss, everything about the game needs to be random (no hardcoded snippets). The team who won the toss takes the decision (Ball first or bat first). Then program initiates the first innings. Scores of each batsman, balls took for scoring, wickets by bowlers, overs, fall of wickets, the method of the dismissal, final score of the innings will be decided by your algorithm. Next the second innings start and as explained above the algorithm needs to generate random figures.
• Display match summary for a given match.
• Store team/player and match information in a text file. You are not allowed to use a database here.
• Load team/player and match data once you restart the application.
• At a given time the program needs to display the best 5 batsmen(highest run scorers of the tournament) and the bowlers(highest wicket takers)
• At a given time application needs to display the Tournament standings. You can arrange the teams based on the match winnings.
2. Draw flowcharts for the following phase
Generate random match. If the flowchart is lengthy, please break it into several sub charts.
Important: If you do not know about the general rules of cricket and T20 games, please refer online materials. Your knowledge about the game will not be tested during the coursework. It you have any modifications, assumptions about the game or the tournament, make sure explain it well in the report. Attributes you need to consider when storing these records were not given and you have the freedom to choose. If you are further developing the application or doing any modifications due to a justifiable fact, please mention that in your report too.
The approaches taken, assumptions made, will be checked thoroughly during the viva. Full marks will be awarded for each criteria only if you implement successfully and defend well during the viva.
Marking scheme
Criteria Marks
Flow charts • Generate random match: (no hardcoded snippets/ realistic nature) 5
Implementation • Generate random match: • Store and load player/team and Match information (in a file) • Add/remove/edit information about teams and players. • Display best batsmen and bowlers • Display tournament standings • Display match summary for a given match. 10 5 5 2.5 2.5 2.5
Validations • Following rules and error messages when necessary 2.5
Additional improvement and assumptions • Improvements only after the completion of mandatory requirements / Record of assumptions 2.5
Test plan (follow the requested format) 2.5
Viva 10