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Bridging Assignment
Task 1
Generate ideas for an innovative product or service. Focus on the following key steps:
a) Idea generation
b) Opportunity evaluation and SWOT
c) New product/service planning
d) Market research for the new idea
Task 2
a) Select a target market for the new product/service
b) Analyse the target market and select an appropriate market segment
c) Identify one main customer group for your new product/service and explain each element of their consumer decision-making process
d) Explain how ethical issues can affect the relationship between your organisation’s marketing mix for the new product or service and the behaviour of its consumers
e) Evaluate the impact of the marketing mix’s 4 Ps on consumer behaviour for your selected market
Task 3
Develop a marketing and integrated promotional plan for the new product/service to meet the needs of your organisation’s global target markets. This plan must clearly show:
a) Communication processes and current trends in advertising and promotion, including the impact of ICT and the internet
b) Measurable goals and objectives
c) Strategies for monitoring and control of the marketing and promotional plan
Assignment Word Count
Max. 3000 words across all tasks.