Recent Question/Assignment

Use the following headings to prepare your report
What is risk assessment and hazard analysis? Discuss what risk assessment is. Include information on the Hierarchy of Control and how this is used to make decisions on how hazards are treated in a school or education and care setting
Recording and reporting hazards. Discuss how hazards are recorded and reported including any formal recording documents that could be available or utilised in a school or education and care setting. Include your responsibilities in relation to reporting hazards and supporting implementation of any treatment options i.e. immediately reacting to remove the hazard or barricading area, reporting verbally, assisting anyone impacted, risk assess, implement other controls
Methods used to minimise or eliminate hazards. Select at least two (2) hazards that may be present in a school or education and care setting and discuss options for treating these, including elimination or minimisation.
Monitoring treatment options. Discuss strategies that could be implemented to continually monitor hazards including updating treatment options where the initial treatments have not had a positive effect.
Communicating risk assessment information to staff in the school or education and care setting. Outline the strategies that you could use to inform staff of the risk assessment and hazard analysis process including responsibilities for recording, reporting and managing in their areas of responsibility
Links to education related legislation, regulations and codes