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Rating 2: 50% (reflective report)
The student will reflect on their experience during the internship and how they have evolved over the course of time, both professionally and personally.
The student will have to:
Briefly describe the context, tasks and team in which they worked.
Present the company in its entirety, its history, its location, its organization.
Link their initial expectations of the department in which they worked to their own perceived skills in this area at the beginning of their internship (to what extent did they consider themselves a -fit- for the position?)
Reflect on their achievements, their strengths (personal and professional) during the internship.
All the challenges they faced and how they handled the situation.
Analyze how they have evolved: were their perceived skills in line with industry expectations? Has this changed their personal and professional plans for the future, both during their studies and beyond?
The student thoughts should be based on concrete examples of the internship, discussions with colleagues, internship supervisor and instructor/mentor, about their collaborative, communication and professionalism skills.
It is worth mentioning how their analysis of the problem they identified in the first evaluation helped them develop their understanding of themselves and/or the industry. Reflections must be linked to the theoretical and external perspectives of specialized journals and/or professional or academic articles or journals. APA referencing should be used.
Students should write about 4500 to 7000 words on points listed above, with a reference list at the end.
End of internship: Students will submit their internship files to Moodle, their instructors/mentor who will carry out their assessment.

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