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Assessment 3 BUS304
Due Oct 29, 2021 This is an individual assessment.
Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions
1,500 to 2,000 words plus or minus 10%
Geert Hofstede outlined a theory that would describe a way that cultures from around the world compares. His work would help companies expand their operations around the world. The Hofstede's work would also assist company managers understand how different nationalities would interact within a firm. For the final assessment use the Hofstede's culture dimensions theory to explain how your own culture compares to another. You might select your own culture and that of Australia, or the USA, or Germany, France, England or Japanese. The choice of another nation is up to you. This will require an introduction paragraph to explain why you have chosen your alternate culture.
You will need to describe the differences between your own culture and another by using the six categories in the Hofstede's theory. Therefore, there will need to be a paragraph for each of the six categories of culture.
You will need to provide a description in a separate paragraph on how the two cultures might work together in a business situation a personal level.
A conclusion paragraph giving your view on the value of understanding Hofstede's culture dimensions theory in business.
Paragraph list
1. Introduction
2. Individualism vs Collectivism - comparing your two nations
3. Power Distance - comparing your two nations
4. Masculinity vs Femininity - comparing your two nations
5. Uncertainty avoidance - comparing your two nations
6. Long term vs Short term orientation - comparing your two nations
7. Indulgence vs Restraint - comparing your two nations
8. How do you think Hofstede's theory can be applied to business or your own skills in cultural awareness?
9. Conclusion paragraph. How do you think it reflects on leadership?
The work will be marked based on the following:
1. References. I would expect to see at LEAST 10 references. Only a maximum of four web sites. 4 marks
2. Bibliography, A list of references in a standard format at the end of the document.
3. Word count. Please do not provide any more than 2,000 words. The work must be between 1,500 and 2,000 words. 4 Marks
4. Similarity. Keep the similarity below 15%. If the similarity goes higher than 15% it will begin to impact on the total mark for the paper. If the similarity is higher than 50% the work will fail. Impacts all marks
5. Introduction. The way you have written the introduction to the paper. Have you managed to clearly state the significance of Geert Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory. 4 Marks
6. Conclusion. How well have you related the theory to your own situation or how it relates to business? 4 Marks
7. Writing quality. Although for many students English is a second language, it is important that you write in a good style that would be acceptable in a business setting. There are ample tools in Microsoft Word to ensure small mistakes are addressed. Double check your work for clarity. The mark will also consider word count. 4 Marks
8. Theory. Make sure you refer to the theory. Do not make things up, refer to what the Hofstede's theory says. 4 Marks
9. Understanding. This is an assessment of how well you understand the concept of Hofstede's work in cultural dimensions. 4 Marks
10. Title page and heading outlining the topic being covered. 4Marks
Some help.
The PowerPoint for Week 9 covers Hofstede's theory. A search on will reveal a massive number of academic studies on the theory. A search of YouTube will also uncover many explanatory videos on Hofstede's cultural dimensions theory.
ML Jones, 2007, Hofstede-culture questionable?
Also, Culture Dimensions, G, Hofstede, 2003
Look for both of these on
But there are 155,000 references in for Hofstede, so there is lots to choose from.