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I need to solve Accounting Financial Analysis report
Assignment: Instructions:
You have been randomly assigned a listed company from an IFRS country. This document is intend to guide you through the assignment.
1. Choose ONE listed competitor of the firm assigned to you and: ??explain the reasons why you have considered it as a proper peer;
??collect the last available Annual Report of both companies (i.e. 2020 or 2021 if already available);
??provide a brief description of the two companies and highlight the main similarities and differences (in terms of dimension, profitability, markets served, strategy, and geographical location, etc.).
NB: the competitor might be an IFRS reporting company or may use an alternative set of Accounting Standards.
2. Provide comments about the accounting principles applied by the two companies to prepare their annual Financial Statements and specify where such information is reported in both documents.
3. Look - critically - at the Annual Reports and comment on: ??the formats of the Financial Statements (i.e BS and IS) used and the main differences between the two companies (if any);
For example, does the IS report costs by function or by nature? Is the level of detail comparable across the two companies?
??the most important items (in terms of economic magnitude, nature etc) reported on the Balance Sheet and the Income Statement and the main differences between the two companies (if any);
4. Given the industry the companies operate in and the specific characteristics of the firms under analysis, please identify the most critical accounting issues such companies face and the main differences between the two (if any);
For example, in a fashion industry inventory obsolescence might be considered as a critical issue.
5. Comment on the four dimensions discussed in class (liquidity, solvency, efficiency and profitability).
The outputs of such work is expected to be:
A report (Max. 4 pages excluding Appendices) in which you compare your company’s performance to that of its competitor according to different points of view and provide comments about their overall performance (both financial and non-financial).
Note: you are likely to formulate some assumptions while performing your analyses. Please, specify all of them in your final report, so that it will be easier to follow your reasoning!