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Below are the guards upon which to write a short project. Requesting $1.5M from government for the Fraternity to launch a foreign positive Image campaign in 1 year.
Defining problems (some already defined in the texts in below)
or any additional outside knowledge is welcome.
Present solution
Deliverable and success we will expect
Plan and approach
Schedule and budget.
Any outside expertise is welcome
To: H.E. the President.
From the Resilience International Fraternity Foundation.
Re: Request for a meeting between a delegation of the Fraternity Foundation with H.E. the President on the theme:
Come and see and go and tell the world.
Dear Your Excellency.
Thank you and your top officials for the privilege the Government has afforded us. We are grateful for this rare opportunity to visit our beloved Country. We are looking forward to meeting you and your senior officials about the image of the Government. We believe we have a transformative mission that has the potential to restore the image at the global stage and to preserve the legacy of your leadership. But first, it is useful to share a brief background of who we are:
Resilience International Cooperation for Development Inc. prepares youths in diaspora to take active role in all areas and at all levels towards achieving national unity, self-reliance, and nation building. The Fraternity has thousands of members all around the world.
We believe our delegation of five members’ meeting with the Government is very significant. The Government is at a critical juncture as it faces considerable internal and external oppositions. We, the seeds of nation, planted and nurtured by the rich history of the would-be future builders of our beloved country, cannot afford to sit with our hands folded while watching the very same nation being torn apart. We have resolved to counter the forces of negativity and to help restore the image of our country and its government. To whom much is given, more is expected. Our country planted, sheltered, protected, inspired, and educated us. Now that we have earned world’s class education, knowledge and practice of leadership, geopolitics, and international system, we must be ambassadors it’s embassasors.
We cannot afford to watch the unprecedented legacy of the mighty country precipitate into history on a free fall. We are therefore committed to the goals to revival to once again regain its true spirit and inspiration that used to fill the air across the continent. We are on a mission to rally young men and women- nationally and globally. We are engaging in a global campaign. We are no longer seeds of the nation; instead, it is our turn to produce new seeds of the nation. Your Excellency, the continuity of the legacy of our collective struggle is a relay to us from you and your generation. Currently, the oxygen is very limited in the lungs of the government. For it to relay its development spirit and mission, new ventilators – die hard young generations- will have to be sought after and empowered. Our fathers participated to develop and sacrificed themselves alongside you. Now it is our obligation as a generation to continue that great legacy. We, the young intellectual league, have resolved to play our role to help oxygenate it and revive its spirit of peace and harmony.
We are proud of the fact that we are an independent nation state. This realization rested squarely on your shoulders, Your Excellency and those of your colleagues, some of whom are not alive. Owing to your leadership, the world witnessed successful nation state. it is now in the right direction. As a democratically elected President of the Republic, you deserve our full support to ensure the continuity of the governance system you put in place. This is the system we have, and it must not be allowed to be decimated by any negative forces, or manufactured lies.
The mission of global campaign for the unidirectionality of the country and its Leadership- moving forward- manifest in the following forms:
We are in the global campaign to improve the image of our country and its Government. Since 2005, we have been campaigning, in one way or the other, for the reputation of our country and its Government. We have done this with our limited resources. We are convinced it is now time to magnify this global campaign and make it more visible and concrete to help improve the image of our beloved country.
The first event will be the Global Conference for the Government to be convened in the country, the participants will include businesses operating in the country, foreign diplomats, representatives of in the region, members of our International Fraternity Foundation across the country and from overseas, as well as partners, allies, and friends.
We have members who are technocrats and who reside all over world- these members are committed to counter the negative narratives against the Government. We have strategized to undo the damage done to the image by following the footprints of those who have spread misinformation abroad and at home.
Some of our best educated members are engaging some key countries of the Western world -USA, Canada, Australia, GB, Norway- through media and direct dialogue with officials to reconsider supporting Government instead of seeing it fail as the betrayers are lobbying for.
Equally, our members in the region are engaging the populations and their governments to have favorable attitude towards us based on the spirit of cooperation and mutual interests.
Our members are paying special attention to fully engage in our global campaign to ensure that allies do not waver in their support.
Our members in the country are campaigning nationally across geographies- states, two administrative areas- and all the tribes, to improve the domestic image, services delivery, and programs of the Government
We are paying particular attention to special constituencies that have historically been supporting us within the international support- evangelical constituencies, members of the U.S Congress, members of Black Caucuses and those of Foreign Relation Committee in the United States.
Your excellency, here is what leadership should do to enhance the capacity of our global campaign for the Government of the Republic.
Establish official collaboration between Government and our International Fraternity Foundation as partners in nation building and diplomacy in the international system.
Appoint a few members from the Foundation members to hold key relevant positions within the Government to accelerate the global campaign.
Extend relevant resources and networks to enhance our capacity to counter the negative campaign and to enable activities for the global campaign, including the upcoming global conferences and later events in Washington D.C, Canada, UK and Australia to help improve the image.
Establish official network between embassies abroad and International Fraternity in the world, particularly in the U.S., Australia, UK, Norway, and Canada to advance our image and national interest.
Sustain diplomatic ties with partners and allies across the world in collaboration.
Launch a special initiative to support educational program of the youths conditioned on their return to help build the country as a formidable country in the region and in the world.
Your Excellency, we consider ourselves as an intellectual and technocrat wing in the fraternity foundation and aims to advance the capacity, image, and national interest if given chances and adequate resources to facilitate these activities.
We are looking forward to holding series of productive discussions and seeing these plans unfold.
Yours sincerely,
CEO and President, of the Resilience International Fraternity Foundation.

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