Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 1 Individual Case Study
Short questions (approx 200 words)
1. Explain the concept of Social Entrepreneurship and give some examples and how they have benefited society?
2. Explain the strategies and steps used to implement disruptive technologies in an Hospitality company?
3. Define Value Creation and give 2 examples of great big ideas of products/services you consume/use and list their characteristics of why they are great value propositions?
4. Describe the behaviours of the most successful entrepreneurs and what this means for success?
5. Share your understanding of the Design Process and why it is used?
Long question (500/600 words)
6. Give an overview of the nature and importance of innovation for the hospitality industry. Things to consider; current innovation strategies, what role do you think innovation will play in the future, how has the hospitality been at adapting to new change, what role does hospitality play in sustainability in the modern era. (500 words)
*For further instructions please refer to the Assessment brief