Recent Question/Assignment

Topic: Business Research
Direction: Refer to the attached Journal titled and answer the below questions
Journal Topic: Effectiveness of E-Banking and Customer Satisfaction; A Moderating Role of Personal Traits
1. State a research report based on the above journal
2. Summarize on the theoretical framework mentioned in the above journal
3. Analyze the importance of having statement of problem in research with example from the above journal
4. Write a literature review based on the above journal with APA reference style and citations (to be very less plagiarism)
5. In conceptual frame work there is mediating, moderating and intervening variables. Discuss on each variable and identify which variable does the journal has
6. Imagining yourself as a research prepare 5 questionnaire with likert scale that could be helpful for the analysis
7. Discuss on the statistical importance and the software mentioned in the journal
8. Point out the defects in the research
Note: please highlight each question answers in the journal from where you took it from the journal (each question highlight with different color on the journal). And ppt slides attached also in case you need more information