Recent Question/Assignment

Due date: Friday 5 November 2021
Two options are available for this assignment:
Option A. Analysis of course materials
Select two course books designed for use in second language classrooms (preferably for teaching a language you know reasonably well).
OR two computer programs designed for self-study.
It is best to limit your variables e.g. teaching reading to 2 different proficiency levels of same language; teaching reading to same proficiency but different L2s
• Describe the main skill/s that the materials focus on and analyse the material (texts, activities) for the approach to the teaching of one or two specific language skill (e.g. speaking, writing).
• You could also comment on other salient features: e.g. use of LI (if any), solutions/feedback provided, design features etc
• Evaluate this approach in light of the relevant literature on L2 teaching, suitability for the targeted students, etc