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Date due: 11 Nov
Weighting: 35%
This task will consolidate the concepts and knowledge learned through the semester. In groups or pairs, students will prepare a professional report for the CEO or Directors of a business. The document should be clear, concise and formal in tone. The report's structure should include an executive summary, body paragraphs with appropriate subheadings, and your conclusions and recommendations. Graphs, charts or tables should support the information provided.
Getting the Data
This assignment requires you to apply the statistical methods learnt in the course to present a business problem using available data set. A wide range of data sources are available for download from the e-textbook. Several government and organsational data sets may also be available within their respective websites. If you find something of interest to your business idea, please discuss the data set with your lecturer.
Report Structure
You are required to produce a report that includes your procedures and discussion of your discoveries and include personal reflection of the experience. This process will require you to do some independent research on information gathering best practices, the purpose of information gathering and anything else you believe relevant to the report.
The report is expected to be read by non-technical people, so use appropriate graphs, pictures and lay terms. You can use the appendix to include any technical details that you feel is relevant to the report but not suitable for the main discussion. You must strike a balance so that the report is understandable to a non-technical audience but has not lost its technical meaning. A suggested outline for the report is as follows:
• Title Page (Report Title Student Name(s) Student Id(s))
• Table of Contents
• Executive Summary
• Background
• Tools and Techniques
• Findings
• Ethical Issues
• Future Work
• References
• Appendix

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