Recent Question/Assignment

Given this project scenario, read thoroughly, each student is requested to deliver a document that contains answers of the following questions:
? Pizza shop online portal
The Pizza Ordering System allows the user of a web browser to order pizza for home delivery. To place an order, a shopper searches to find items to purchase, adds items one at a time to a shopping cart, and possibly searches again for more items. When all items have been chosen, the shopper provides a delivery address. If not paying with cash, the shopper also provides credit card information. The system has an option for shoppers to register with the pizza shop. They can then save their name and address information, so that they do not have to enter this information every time that they place an order.
? After testing the system and fixing all the errors the issuing company has requested an addition to a certain function (an extra feature). The developing team started to build that extra module and handed the whole system to the testing team.
1. What do you think the best strategy to test the system, should they test the whole system or test only the new module? Explain your answer.
2. What do you think the best approach, is it going to be white box or black box testing or both? Explain you answer and state the possible disadvantages if a certain approach was used.
? You are called to perform a documentation test of the system users’ manual. List at least five types of possible documentation errors in
the manual.
? “In most cases, the test case file preferred should combine sample cases with synthetic cases so as to overcome the disadvantages of a single source of test cases and to increase the efficiency of the testing process.”
(1) Elaborate on how applying a mixed-source methodology overcomes the disadvantages of a single-source methodology.
(2) Elaborate on how applying a mixed-source methodology enhances testing efficiency. Provide a hypothetical example.
? Imagine the results of software system failure.
(1) mention three possible failure damages?
(2) mention three possible risks that may led to system failure?
? the head of the software development department, claims that beta
site tests should always be carried out as early as possible in the development
process as there are no disadvantages in this method.
(1) Are beta site tests really a “disadvantage free” method? If not, what are their
main disadvantages and risks?
(2) Recommend guidelines that will minimize the risks and disadvantages in applying beta site tests