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TRIMESTER 3 2021 Assessment 2 (20%)
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Economics MCROO1
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Comments: “Despite the economic recovery being “temporarily disrupted by recent lockdowns, it is expected that the Australia’s economic recovery will continue, forecast to grow by 4.5 per cent in 2022 compared to a median of 3.6 per cent-.
Given the above statement: Your manager has asked you firstly, assess the key Macroeconomic Variables and their relevant factors, and then secondly, apply them (the key macroeconomic variables) to the AD/AS Model to determine which phase the Australian economy is in, and then finally comment on the key macroeconomic indicators.
(You must follow the above sequence of approach)
Write an individual memo of about 500 words (2 pages excluding the reference list) to brief your manager on the current Australian economy, including the AD/AS Model (in 'word' document, 2 pages, excluding the reference list, font size 12 with 1.5 line spacing). The memo should include five sections (headings) namely 'Overview', 'Content headings about the key economic variables'; 'the Model'; 'the key economic indicators'; and the 'conclusion'. Referencing and citation are essential.
COB: Due in week 10 (Thursday, 4 November 2021,11am on -Portal- (Moodle)).
*You are required to submit an electronic copy of 'word document' to 'Turn-it-in' for plagiarism checking on -Portal- (Moodle).
* Marking criteria: structure / language/ presentation: 10%; content: 10%.