Recent Question/Assignment

An introduction to the assignment that introduces the public health topic of focus and establishes the importance of the chosen public health topic. The chosen peer reviewed published research article (the chosen study) should also be clearly introduced (author, year, journal, topic, aim of the study). The chosen study can be quantitative, qualitative or mixed methods but not a systematic review or meta-analysis. Also, please note that the chosen study should be up-to-date (ideally published within the last 5 years), must be peer reviewed and from reputable sources (scientific bibliographic databases, WHO, UNICEF sources, etc.).
Maximum score 15
Taking a critical evaluation approach in terms of appropriateness, critically appraise the chosen study’s quality by addressing the below aspects:
-Is the study valid? Did it address a clear research question? What was the method and design and are they appropriate? (as for the selection of the chosen study, there should be consideration of the hierarchy of evidence in terms of highest to lowest in the order of evidence.) -What are the results (the findings)? Are the results valid? Were they correct? Were there any problems in the results?
-Are the results useful? What is the generalizability of the results? How do the findings fit with other similar studies? Do they add to the existing evidence-base?
In addition to addressing the above aspects, identification of other relevant strengths, weaknesses and limitations of the chosen study should also be included in this section.
In order to critically appraise the chosen study in this section and address the aspects outlined above, it is recommended to apply the relevant critical appraisal tool (e.g. Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) checklist, AXIS for cross-sectional studies, Evaluation Tool for Mixed Methods Study Designs, etc.) introduced in Apendix A.
Supporting evidence should be included from wider reading.
Maximum score 35
Based on the critical appraisal of the study undertaken, identify what relevance the chosen study (with consideration of the appropriateness of relevant aspects such as methods and findings and the strengths, weaknesses and limitations as identified in the previous section) has for informing public health practice which could include possible implications and/or applications. For example, evidence on barriers to vaccination, regulation to limit proliferation of fast food restaurants, all food establishments to go smoke free, etc.
Maximum score 25
Effective summary of key points.
Maximum score 10
Presentation and Referencing
High quality presentation that conforms to principles of academic writing and contains minimal errors in sentence construction, grammar and punctuation. The assignment followed appropriate academic conventions regarding in-text citations and referencing. Maximum score 15