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This assignments needs to be 6 pages. titles page is not included. This assignment is based on the Research Proposal. The attachment is provided below
GNED 126 Assignment 2: Research Paper
Weight: 15% of your final grade
Format: Group work
Use the same group and topic as set up for Research Proposal.
Instructions: This assignment builds on your health and safety proposal. Using the issue that you identified and analyzed in the proposal, you need to develop a formal report based on the plan that you submitted.
Your group paper should use a variety of research tools and resources in order to explain and answer the five questions you put forth in your proposal. You can use the Centennial College Library system to obtain information or course content, but try to use an extensive compilation of research resources of your own. All resources must be properly cited and referenced.
You may NOT use Wikis or blogs when compiling your information.
Please submit your assignment to the Paper assignment folder on eCentennial.
One submission per group.
All submitted work will be reviewed for originality utilizing Turnitin®. You may review your work using Turnitin® prior to submission or view the originality score in your assignment folder.
Paper Layout Requirements:
• Total of 7 pages in length (including title & reference pages) using Microsoft Word, double-spaced in Calibri (Body) font size 11, APA format.
• No more than 6 in-text quotations, correctly cited, and 1 sentence in length only for each quotation.
• No pictures.
• Layout o Title Page: An example is posted for you under APA Assistance.
o Introduction: In your introduction, identify the health and safety issue, and explain why it is a concern. Provide background information about the topic. o Research: Identify each question and supply an answer for each question. Include no more than one in-text quotation for each answer, correctly cited, and 1 sentence in length only for each quotation.
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GNED 126 Assignment 2: Research Paper
o Recommendations: Review how the particular issue you have chosen to discuss can be improved with regards to safety at the workplace. You can do this by analyzing the negative components of the issue at hand and then offering critical details of related solutions. You can make suggestions for the government, discuss equipment improvements if applicable, etc. o Conclusion: In the conclusion, restate the important lessons learned from your research. Do not state anything new.
o Reference Page: A reference page in APA format. See examples under APA Assistance. Use a new page with the title centered at the top of the page.
Course Resources:
English: Hints & Tips
Library & Learning Resources
• Found on the course homepage.
• They provide information on how to write a paper, do research, citations and references, APA format, etc.
See Paper Rubric under Assignment Details.
College policy on academic honesty:
Academic honesty is integral to the learning process and a necessary ingredient of academic integrity. Academic dishonesty includes cheating, plagiarism, and impersonation. All of these occur when the work of others is presented by a student as their own and/or without citing sources of information. Breaches of academic honesty may result in a failing grade on the assignment/course, suspension or expulsion from the college.
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