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Subject Name Professional Performance and Presentations
Module Code & Name PPP – Developing a Professional Profile and Brand
Assessment Name Create a Professional Profile
Assessment Due Topic 2
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I am aware of the post-assessment options (re-submission, re-assessment & appeal procedures) available to me. ?
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Task 1: Creating a Professional Profile
• Begin working on creating your own Professional Profile – LinkedIn, targeting your chosen industry
• Compare your profile with that of other students and discuss your findings
Professional Profile
What is a Professional Profile? A professional profile is a summary of your skills, strengths, and key experiences. It also should convey what you are seeking or what you have to offer the person reading it. The professional profile can be used as your elevator speech—the in-person introduction that serves as a starting-point to networking at job fairs or professional gatherings. Or, it can be used in a LinkedIn profile or other written materials to garner interest in what you have to offer in a professional capacity.
Task 2: Present your Professional Profile
• Create a 10-minute presentation on you, demonstrating your Professional Profile on LinkedIn and highlighting the skills you can bring to your chosen industry in the Australian market – your presentation topic is: “What I have to offer the Australian workforce”
• You will do your presentation in Topic 4 of this module and will be marked against the criteria below
• Select a panel of 4 students to provide you with peer feedback and have them complete the attached Student Feedback Form
NOTE: You will be planning a TED-style event with your classmates in Topic 3 in preparation for your presentations in Topic 4. Your student feedback sheets need to be attached to your final assessment submission.
Oral Presentation Student Feedback Form
Topic: “What I have to offer the Australian workforce”
1 – Outstanding 2 – Satisfactory 3 – Fair 4 – Needs Improvement
Marking Criteria
1 2 3 4
Presentation was well prepared with accompanying professional LinkedIn profile
Topic was clearly stated and
Speaker summed up main points in conclusion
Relevant information was presented with interesting content
Speaker was in control of subject matter
Speaker displayed confidence on the topic and make reference to supporting sources
Speaker used appropriate body language and maintained good eye contact
Speech: volume was appropriate and intonation was varied, with good pronunciation and articulation
Slides and other visuals: professional and attractive, limited amount of text on each slide, good use of graphics, content visible at a distance
Talk was well-timed
Following the presentation, speaker initiated a discussion
Student’s feedback on evidence of knowledge and skills demonstrated through the presentation.

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