Recent Question/Assignment

Topic: strategic management
• Outline the appropriate strategy out of a given context.
PROBLEM: Evaluate and the below cited cases , and identify the type of strategy for each.
Consider the following 8 actual year-2009 strategies by various firms:
1. Microsoft developed a new video camera for its Xbox 360 console that allowed players to
control games with the movement of their bodies, rather than by holding a plastic wand in
their hands, as required with Nintendo’s popular Wii game console.
2. Wells Fargo and Bank of America began to “tweet”—post messages of 140 characters or less
on, so customers could see product features. Banks are also putting marketing
videos on YouTube.
3. The United Kingdom’s huge telecom firm, BT Group PLC, cut 15,000 more jobs on top of the
15,000 the prior year.
4. Japanese electronics maker Panasonic Corp. acquired Osaka, Japan-based Sanyo Electric
5. News Corp. sold off many of its television stations.
6. More than 1,000 Chrysler dealers closed their doors and ceased doing business.
7. Germany’s Metro AG, the world’s fourth-largest retailer after Wal-Mart, Carrefour SA, and Home Depot, is expanding aggressively into China.
8. Time Warner plans to spin off or sell all or part of AOL.
Step 1 number from 1 to 8. These numbers correspond to the
strategies described.
Step 2 What type of strategy best describes the 8 actions cited? Indicate your answers.
Solve by forming a table better