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Assessment 3 Written Assessment (15%)
Due Date: Week 8
Word Count: 800-1000 words
The goal of this assessment is to assess students’ knowledge and comprehension of conflict resolution in community services.
Students will watch a video and then be provided a copy of the Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKMI) in a tutorial. Students will complete the instrument/questionnaire during tutorial time and discuss the results as a group, exploring the various conflict modes during simulation exercises; then respond to the questions listed below.
1. Watch video:
2. Complete copy of Thomas-Kilmann Mode Instrument.
3. Look at results provided – student’s top 2 conflict resolution modes.
4. Discuss results as a class.
5. Use different modes of conflict resolution during in-class simulations.
6. Read the resources on the moodle site.
7. Provide written responses to results – due Friday week 8.
Questions to consider after identification of top 2 Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Modes:
• What are your top two Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode results? Explain these in your own words. (Use the resources on the unit site to assist.)
• Do you agree with these results? To support your answer, provide two examples of when you have demonstrated these conflict modes in action either at work or in inter-personal relationships.
• If you disagree, provide two examples of the conflict mode(s) you believe you actually use in conflict situations.
• State which other mode of conflict mode you would like to develop, and how you would go about developing it. (Articles on the unit site will provide some insight).
Students may use information from the lectures, and the resources on moodle, or apply alternative conflict mode strategies from your own independent research. There is a list of resources on the unit site/moodle page to assist with providing academic sources of information and discussion – it is expected you will include evidence in your discussion that you have read some of these. All resources must be cited correctly using APA 7 referencing.

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