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NIT1204 Web Application and Server Management
Practical Assignment
Due: Session 9 (Demo in lab 3)
Weight: 30% of the final grade
Group assignment:
This is a group assignment to be completed in a group of two.
Description of task:
This project will be a comprehensive Web site that demonstrates application of many of the PHP concepts covered in this unit.
You are required to develop a PHP web application to manage a shopping list i.e. Shopping List Manager application. This application requires items to be stored in a database, every item you add/modify/delete, the application updates the item in the database accordingly.
Create a user interface
The user interface for the Shopping List Manager shows the items at the top of the web page in a numbered list. The user interface also includes an add form that lets the user add a new item to the list, and it includes a delete form that lets the user delete an item from the list.
Please note that the given screenshots are sample only.
Figure 1: When the application runs for the first time
Figure 2: After adding two items in the shopping list
Implement Add, Delete and Modify Buttons
Implement “Add Item” button which is used to add shopping items in the list. Delete button is to delete the selected shopping item. Use the array_push() function to add a new item to the list. “Modify Item” button lets the user modify an existing item. If the user clicks on the Modify Item button, this code should hide the form that contains the Modify Item button, and it should display the form that displays the current item in a text box and includes buttons that lets users save or cancel their changes. Please note that add, delete and modify items should update the database accordingly.
Figure 3. When you click modify item
After you click, Save Changes, the item is updated and the page looks like as in the Figure 4.
Figure 4: After you update an item
Implement the Sort Item button
Implement that code that allows a user to sort all items alphabetically. The Sort button should be displayed only if the item list contains two or more items.
Test the application
Test your application to make sure that everything works correctly.
What to submit:
?? A cover page (A4 format) - displaying course code, course name, assignment title and student id with student's signature.
?? Student contribution report with meeting minutes
?? Documentation including installation/usage instructions, source code, screen capture of a database and database dump file (.sql) and test report with test cases and an acknowledgement for source of external resources etc.
Upload a zip file (assign folder with all PHP, Style Sheet, and Images folder if applicable)
Total Marks (out of 70) ________
Student ID
Student Name
______________ _____________________________________________
Table 1 General Requirements
Task Mark Actual Mark
Cover Page provided with student id and signature 2
Student contribution report 4
Documentation including installation/usage instructions, acknowledgement for source of external templates/ classes and images if any, screen capture of a database and database dump file (.sql), test report with test cases 4
/ 10
Table 2 General Programming
Task Mark Actual Mark
Appropriate / consistent coding style with useful comments 2
Correct usage of for loop 2
Correct usage of array 2
Correct usage of selection/case statement 4
Correct usage of include statement 2
Correct usage of data structure (stack/queue) 4
Appropriate validation of input fields (i.e. shopping items). 2
PHP code runs without run time errors 2
/ 20
Table 3 Functional Requirements
Task Mark Actual Mark
Index page with header, footer and body 4
Add item 4
Modify item 6
Delete item 5
Sort item 7
Testing 2
CSS formatting
Working data in database with add
Working data in database with modify
Working data in database with delete
/ 40
Table 4 Demonstration
Task Mark Actual Mark
Able to answer all questions 6
Able to modify code
/ 10

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