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CASE Study
Rainforest Book Company
If something is not clear in the description and you need to make assumptions to make a decision, document the assumptions you make. Please read it carefully
The -Rainforest Book Company- is a company that specializes in books on geography, natural habitats for endangered species and wildlife books in general. In order to reduce overheads and costs, the book company only has one office and operates by mail-order or Internet access . When a customer wishes to purchase a book, they need to set up an account. The Sales Department at the Rainforest Book Company receives the request and sends out a blank Account Request form. The form has space for the following information:
Customer Name, Customer Address, Customer Phone Number, Customer Fax Number , Credit Card Information (if applicable), Credit Card Number, Type of Credit Card Expiration Date, Cardholder’s Name, ZIP or postal code of the billing address for this card
The customer sends back a completed Account Request form. The “for office use only” section is filled out by the Sales Group. This information includes the processor’s identification, the date the account is opened, and a customer account number that is assigned. The customer account file is updated, and the Account Request form is filed. The Account Processing Department receives notification of the new account and sends the customer a confirmation letter. This letter notifies the customer of their customer account number. This number can be used to expedite the ordering process.
Customers can make inquiries about books they wish to purchase by giving any of the following information: (book title and book author) or ISBN number. The Sales Department first verifies that the customer has a valid account. If the book is found based upon the information that was given, the customer receives the following information about the book:
Title of the book, Author of the book, Paperback/Hardcover, Price, Date Published, Availability, Reviews
If the book is not available in stock, all of the above information is returned and an out-of-stock notice is sent specifying the approximate date the book will be in stock. If the book is no longer in print and has been discontinued, an out-of-print notice is sent to the customer. This out-of-print notice includes a list of Used Book Stores in the customer’s country.
If a customer decides to purchase books, they need to place an order for the books. They first request a book order form from the Sales Department. A blank book order form is forwarded to the customer. The customer account number and the date the order is being placed is entered. The following information is included in the book order:
Customer Account Number, Date Order is placed, Title of the Book, Author, Paperback or Hardcover, ISBN, if available
In addition, the customer indicates the shipping option by entering the following information:
Standard Shipping or, Second Day Air or, Next Day Air
Placed orders are sent to the warehouse, and the customer account file is updated. The warehouse issues an order confirmation when the books are shipped. The invoice is generated and then sent to the customer. The customer then sends the invoice slip and a payment or authorizes the use of a credit card on file to the Accounting Department. The Accounting Department processes the payment and updates the customer account. Additionally, the Sales Department generates a monthly sales report and forwards it to Management.
Management has decided that the customer facing interface will be provided as a mobile app using a Web-based mobile development methodology, that way they can provide for IOS and Android as well as other mobile OS’s. Additionally, management has plans to expand the functionality of the app, but at this stage do not have a clear idea of all the requirements. These will be added as the project progresses after brainstorming sessions. They also wish to use Oracle DB on their IBM S914 server, though they are considering a cloud-based solution

Question 1 ( 3 marks)
Write the Business Objective section of the Business Case for the above case study.
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Question 2 (4 marks)
Write a scope statement for the above case study.
Question 3 (7 marks)
Develop a detailed Work Breakdown Structure of the proposed system in the case study. This must be specific to the case study, not a generic one.

Question 4 (6 marks)
Develop a Cost Breakdown and preliminary budget for the above case study.
Question 5 (10 marks)
Provide the requirements for the system in the case study, providing both functional and non-functional requirements.

Question 6 (10 marks)
Develop a Risk Management Plan for the project in the case study.
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