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The planning for the launch party is underway and you have completed your research and developed your report. You have recently been contacted by several people who have some queries about the off-premises consumption of alcohol and the launch party in general. They include:
? One of the food stall holders wanting to know if they require any licensing to sell their pizza and pasta.
? A neighbour who is concerned with noise from the launch party and the rubbish it will generate.
? A new employee who is concerned about:
- Their pay rate
- Working outside in the sun for long hours
- Entitled breaks
You have assessed the current situation and have decided to organise a meeting with the local regulatory authority to discuss these concerns along with:
? The scope of compliance required
? The roles of responsibilities of ca city hotel personnel and managers
? Licences required for the launch
? Methods that will be put in place to evaluate non-compliance
? Relevant legislation and regulations
? Consequences of non-compliance
? Codes of conduct that may be contained within the legislation
? The development of policies and procedures to support compliance.
The person you are speaking with has read your report and will discuss the compliance requirements with you.
Organise a meeting with your trainer who will act in the role of a regulatory authority representative, such as the local council.
Now you need to communicate using verbal skills/interact with others. The most appropriate way to do this is in an online workshop. Check with your study coach (or trainer/assessor) when the next workshop is available.
Note there is no set time for the oral communication as this will depend on how well prepared you are for the interaction. You must prepare for the areas below to be assessed as competent. It is anticipated this should take no more than fifteen (15) minutes.
Read the content from your SITXGLC001 Research and Comply with Regulatory Requirements Learner Guide.
Section 1.2. Evaluate areas of business operation and determine scope of compliance requirements.
Section 1.5. Assess and act on need for specialist legal advice.
Section 2.2. Nominate the roles and responsibilities of personnel for regulatory compliance in policies and procedures.
Section 3.1. Communicate with regulatory authorities when planning business operations and submit required documentation.
Section 3.2. Maintain business and occupational licences and check contractor compliance to avoid risk to business.
Your trainer will be expecting the following information from you to assess your competence in the specific area.
Note: This session is to discuss the points raised in the scenario and the actions required to rectify them. If you are relying on feedback verbally given by your trainer, place their responses here, check with them to confirm if this is necessary.
Did you provide evidence of the following in your interaction?
Appraise and define the necessary compliance requirements. ? Yes
? No
Determine the roles and responsibilities of managers and employees at CA City Hotel in regard to regulatory compliance including their legal responsibilities and liabilities. ? Yes
? No
Discuss rights and responsibilities of employees and employers. ? Yes
? No
Discuss licences and contractor compliance to avoid risk to business. ? Yes
? No
Evaluate business operations for non-compliance, including the risk and consequences and made suggestions to implement modifications. ? Yes
? No
Discuss a broad range of local, state, territory and commonwealth government laws relevant to the scenario. ? Yes
? No
Discuss any codes of conduct that may be contained within legislation ? Yes
? No
Discuss the development of policies and procedures. ? Yes
? No
Submission requirement:
• Participate in the role play with your Trainer/Assessor.