Recent Question/Assignment

You have been working in the operations department of your organization for the past three years as a senior operational manager. Over the past two years the operational performance of the company has been declining such that the company is facing difficulties in meeting its objectives.
As part of the continuous improvement and restructuring the operation processes you have been asked by the head of your organization to prepare a report on a particular area of the operations titled “A report on operations planning and control of [name of the organizations or unit]”. Your report must be unified and coherent. It must not exceed 2,500 words.
To complete this task successfully, you must:
1. Explain linear programming. (3.1) (12.5 Marks)
You should:
(A) Define linear programming.
(B) Explain how you could apply linear programming to a given task.
2. Evaluate critical path analysis and network planning. (3.2) (12.5 Marks)
You should:
(A) Identify and explain the critical path analysis and network planning.
(B) Identify and explain the importance of critical path analysis.
3. Produce a set of clearly defined operational outcomes. (4.1) (12.5 Marks)
You should:
(A) Produce a set of clearly defined operational outcomes for a given operation by considering the following five OM performance objectives.
i. Cost
ii. Dependability
iii. Flexibility
iv. Quality
v. Speed.
4. Produce a network plan and indicate the resultant critical path. (4.2) (12.5 Marks)
You should:
i. Select an objective for an operation.
ii. List the tasks required to achieve the selected objective.
iii. Plan a network and drawn the network diagram.
iv. Identify the paths.
v. Calculate the paths’ times.
vi. Identify the critical path.
(This provides evidence for LO3 & LO4.)
1. Submit Task 2 Report as a PDF file. Name the file as: BY1_OL_Unit34_OMB_Oct2021_Task2_Report_FirstnameLastname_StudentID. Replace FirstnameLastname with your first name and last name and StudentID with your student ID. Attach any highly relevant documents as appendices.
2. Do not submit the first draft of your report. The report you submit must be at least the second edited version. Do the final editing: proof read for logical errors, spelling and grammar.
3. Remember to upload all the files before you click the “Submit” button.
End of Assessment Brief. Good luck. ?