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Assessment 1
This assessment task asks you to relate some of the content previously covered in UNCC100 to the course you are studying and the work you may do when you graduate. For this assessment you will answer a set of questions as a quiz in LEO. It is important that your submission is in your own words as it is your understanding that we are assessing. There will be a guide showing what is expected in this assessment on LEO.
The questions will ask you to consider your future profession or ideal job, and where the Catholic Social Thought (CST) principles introduced in UNCC100 can be related to the skills and knowledge you have developed so far in your course.
The four questions below are preparation for the quiz: they provide the context for the extended questions you will be asked in the assessment.
A. What is your course?
B. What is your “ideal job”? It may or may not be directly related to your current course.
C. Identify ONE task that you would do in this role that will involve other people. These may be people you work with, or people who are affected by the task (eg students, if you are a teacher).
D. Choose two of the 9 CST principles used in UNCC100 (these are provided on LEO in the “Assessments” tab) that interest you.
Due date:
November 29, 11.00pm AEDT (10:00pm Queensland)
Length and/or format:
Answers to set questions: 500-700 words
Relating the content of UNCC100 to the course you are studying, and the work you may do when you graduate, will help to prepare you for assessment tasks 2 and 3.
Learning outcome assessed:
How to submit:
This assessment is completed as a Quiz in LEO
Assessment criteria: A marking guide outlining the expectations for each question will be found on LEO under Assessment Marking Guide for Assignment 1.
You may not need any references for this assessment. If you do use them, choose ones that are relevant and readily found, and prepare a reference list for this assessment using the referencing style in your course (name the style at the top of your reference list).