Recent Question/Assignment

MGMT8580 – Written Assignments – Self-Reflection Journals
The purpose of this assignment is to complete individual personal assessments related to leadership topics, integrate learning on this topic and then reflect on the results of these assessments.
Complete self assessments(I have already done self assessments and attached file with name self assessment).
Instructions for Self-Reflection Journal
• Once you have completed the all the assessments for the journal assignment,
o Briefly summarize each assessment
o Identify SMART goal you will consider working on/developing further and how you will integrate the information learned in the assessment
• Connect what you have learned through the self-assessments to things you have learned inside or outside of the classroom (experiences, books, articles, discussions)
• Self-reflect – what did you learn through the reflection/connection, what surprised you, how may you use this information in real world leadership situations
• In your response, ensure you use APA citation to referenced material and specific assessments
• 2 pages. 12 point font, double-spaced.
• APA format must be used when referencing materials and other assessments.