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Assessment 4: Written essay on
Self-Reflection of in class role plays (30%) Due Date: Week 11
Word count: 1100-1300 words
Students must attend ALL lectures and tutorials to ensure completion of Assessment 4 Reflection. Overview: Students will progressively develop communication micro-skills and gain valuable feedback from their peers over the 12-week course. This feedback will be used to help students reflect on their emerging skills in a self-reflective essay.
Written Self-reflection Essay (30%)
Students are required to write a self-reflective essay in light of the skills learned over the trimester which will incorporate feedback received from peers.
The student should reflect on their use of
• micro-skills, including o active listening skills, o open and closed questions, o reflection of content, o reflection of feeling
o service assessment and intake information as well as
• nonverbal communication skills.
Connections must be made between the literature and the course learning material in order to support ideas and demonstrate knowledge and insight of subject matter.
Some questions have been provided below to help generate the response. This list is not exhaustive, and the essay may include other meaningful insights according to the student’s individual experience.
Some questions to consider when writing the self- reflective essay:
• Have the course materials and role play activities led to personal development and an increase in your communication skills? Reflect on the feedback you received over the Trimester – is there evidence of growth and development?
• If you felt nervous and uncomfortable during the role plays, what was your reaction to this and what did you do to help yourself overcome these feelings?
• What did you learn about observing non-verbal cues?
• Why are active listening and attending skills so important? What has been your experience with the development of these skills?
• What did you learn about managing communications in settings such as the workplace between colleagues or between client/community service worker?
• What are some biases, stereotypes, preconceptions and or assumptions about clients which you specifically need to be aware of?
• What are some areas for improvement? What do you intend to do to improve in these areas?
Your essay should include at least 5 (scholarly) journal articles not more than five years old from a search of the database from the library, as well as the text-book. APA 7 referencing expected.
Do NOT utilize sources such as and other such web materials as these in no way constitute academic references for the purpose of your assignments. If you rely on such sources for theoretical support, you will be deemed NOT to have met the requirements of the assessment.