Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 3 Essay (40%): Due Week
Due Date: Week 11
Word Count: 1700 - 2000 words
The goal of this assessment is to provide you with an opportunity to develop an in-depth understanding about the quality and effectiveness of a particular welfare system or systems set up to promote the rights of, and address disadvantages faced by a particular group. In this assessment task, you are required to focus on the same group that you focused on in assessment 2.
In this essay, you are required to:
Identify the welfare system(s) and services, relevant to your chosen group
Identify resources and supports for the specific target group that can be accessed within the relevant welfare system(s) and services.
By drawing on relevant research evidence and inquiries, evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the systems and services provided to your chosen group. Also identify and consider how sources of funding impact on quality of service delivery.
The main focus of this assessment task is on the third point -to evaluate the quality and effectiveness of the systems and services. Answering the first two dot points 'sets the scene' for you to focus on the final point.
Use APA 7 referencing. Your written essay should include at least 10 (scholarly) journal articles or books.
Do NOT utilize sources such as and other such web materials as these in no way constitute academic references for the purpose of your assignments. If you rely on such sources for theoretical support you will be deemed NOT to have met the requirements of the assessment.