Recent Question/Assignment

Cover Page
Executive Summary
Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Definitions
Other definitions (compare & contrast)
3. Article
Role of marketers
4. So, what could be the appropriate definition of MKT in today’s business environment?
Wrap up/Synthesise 2 &3
5. Skills needed in today’s business environment (based on 4.)
6. Conclusion
Reference list
You must cite at least five (5) relevant peer reviewed journal articles (absolute
minimum requirement). You can cite other academic references such as books, conference
papers, and book chapters but these will NOT be counted as part of the 5 journal articles. All of
these academic references should be cited within the text of the paper; your reference list must
match your citations.
Article: Growth Triple Play
*Do you think this ‘Growth Triple Play’ concept could change the way we define Marketing?
*If CMOs need to integrate ‘Creativity, Analytics and purposes’ in any marketing activities, what could be some top skills that a marketing officer needs to have/develop in today’s’ world?
Word limit: 2000 words (±10%) (Excluding reference list, if any)