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PCS706 Assignment 2021/2022
For PCS706, Foundations for Social Science Research you are required to present a research methodology plan.
This Research Methodology Plan will be a total of 2500 words, fully referenced and have a strong critical reflection and appraisal of Social Science Research methodologies to appropriate investigate the research questions and address the research problem. You should choose ONE from the three research scenarios below and present a research methodology plan for this topic. This is worth 60% of your final grade for PCS706.
DEADLINE: The research methodology plan will be due in Week 13. The template for the Assessment is outlined here and should include:
• Title
• Research Background (700 words)
o Awareness of other research in this topic, critical reflection and demonstrate research gap. Inclusion of academic sources is to demonstrate awareness and understanding of theory and academic research on your topic.
• Research Methodology (1500 words)
o Appraise and justify appropriate methodology and must be informed by reference to research methods academic work. Consider strengths and limitations of the approach.
• Ethics and Practicalities (300 words)
o Access and ensure consideration of relevant ethical guidelines to ensure your research proposal has been informed by best practice
o Mitigations against possible ethical problems and consider issues such as, but not limited to, informed consent, power dynamics, confidentiality and anonymity, harm to participants.
• Proposed Dissemination Activities (tickbox below).
You are encouraged to appraise different methodological approaches such as but not necessarily limited to some of the methods we explore in this module: observation, interviews (semi and structured), focus groups, case study, comparative or historical, questionnaires, existing data, historical and archive sources, ethnography, content analysis or indeed mixed methods.
You should also show an awareness of the practical and ethical considerations of research projects and the methodology adapted. It is important to note and provide rationale for sampling. This research plan should show an awareness of your ability to evaluate research design including reliability, validity and replication.
You can choose ONE of the following Research problems:
1. Using the template provided above, outline your Research Methodology Plan for this scenario: An NGO working equality provision are keen to understand in detail how attitudes towards same-sex marriage have changed in 30 years in Northern Ireland since the 1990s?
2. Using the template provided above, outline your Research Methodology Plan for this scenario: Belfast City Council wish to assess the impact of homelessness in Belfast City Centre with a focus on wellbeing and safety in the urban environment. Provide a research methodology for this area of investigation.
3. Using the template provided above, outline your Research Methodology Plan for this scenario: The Commission for Victims and Survivors in Northern Ireland want to investigate the effectiveness of health and wellbeing services for victims and survivors of the conflict in Northern Ireland and the Border Region. Design a research methodology to address this gap in knowledge.
Proposed Dissemination Activities Tickbox
Activity Tick for Yes
Policy Brief
Peer-reviewed Article
Digital Blog
Digital Vlog/Video
Media Piece
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