Recent Question/Assignment

For this assessment you will answer the questions below, related to the SDG goal and example that you have chosen. It is important that your submission is in your own words as it is your understanding that we are assessing. There will be a guide showing how to do this assessment on LEO.
1. Clearly identify the goal and the example you are writing about.
2. Explain briefly what the goal aims to achieve; what are the problems that it hopes to solve? Use your own words: do not copy from the document.
3. Explain how/why this goal is relevant to your future profession (or ideal job): explain how the situation described in the example could affect the work your profession does and the people you may work with.
4. In one-two paragraphs, summarise the message from the example you chose from the report – describe the current situation globally (does it vary in different countries)?
5. Explain how the situation described in the example affects human dignity in the broader global context. (ie, are there differences in different areas of the world?).
6. Explain how the situation described in the example affects the common good in the broader global context.
7. Explain how the situation described in the example affects one other CST principle in the broader global context.
8. Find a real example of a community in another country.
a. Describe the community.
b. Explain how achieving the goal would improve the life of that community and why this matters.
Please choose references that are relevant and readily found, and prepare a reference list for this assessment using the referencing style in your course (name the style at the top of your reference list).
Due date: December 15, 11.00pm AEDT (10:00pm Queensland)
Weighting: 30%
Length and/or format: answers to set questions: 700-900 words
Purpose: This assessment is designed to help you understand
why the UN Sustainable Development Goals are necessary, and how they are relevant to your profession. Understanding their importance across the world will help you to discuss their local relevance in AT3.
Learning outcome assessed: 1, 2
How to submit: Submit this assessment as a Word document via Turnitin.
Instructions explaining how to do this can be found on the
UNCC300 LEO page under Assessment Turnitin Submission Quick Guide.
Return of assignment:
Assignments will be returned on January 6 for preparation of assignment 3. If you are unsure how to find your results and feedback you can read how to do this on LEO under Assessment How to find your results and feedback.