Recent Question/Assignment

, Advanced Drug Delivery Topic Critical Review of a paper
A topic of choice in the area of drug delivery.
- Length 700 words minimum 1300 words guidelines
- citations,
- links,
- figures videos.
- Compulsory Sections.
• Introduction
• Relevance to Drug delivery
• Citations and References
- Recommended
• Ref Clinical trials
• Present therapeutics
Proposed topics:
- Drug delivery of biopharmaceuticals
- Nanotechnology for drug delivery
- Concepts of Pharmacokinetics and Drug Delivery
- Experimental setups for delivery
- Barriers in drug delivery
- Drug delivery of vaccines
- Encapsulation
— Drug delivery and Gene Therapy
Critical report of a research paper in the area of drug delivery.
• Presentation of the paper (5%)
• Structure of the paper (10%)
• The quality of sources and methods of investigation used, specific issues on the methods and methodologies used(30%)
• Logical flow of argument (or lack thereof), and validity of conclusions drawn (30%)
• Style, voice and lexical concerns and choices, giving suggestions on how to improve (10%)
-Extra- (15%)