Recent Question/Assignment

Final Evaluation HEAL 8170
Health and Law Administration
Worth 25% of mark
Academic Integrity is to be maintained. It is important that you use your own words. use of references is optional, answers should not be based only on referenced materials.
Please read questions carefully and answer accurately. All answers should be according to Canadian law.
1) Identify your regulatory college. Review a recent disciplinary decision.
a) Identify the disciplinary decision and give a synopsis of the case.
b) Identify which Standard was referenced in the discipline decision, review the Standard and provide a synopsis of the Standard. Why is this Standard important?
c) What body is responsible for hearing the appeals of Regulatory Colleges.
d) Why as a health care leader is this important for you to know.
Note- I am a physician so identify regulatory college for physicians in Canada and review a disciplinary decision from regulatory college. So any case but should be from physicians regulatory college(you can find a case from regulatory college website)
2) The Regulated Health Professions Act (RHPA) 1991 is the overall piece of legislation for health care professionals in Ontario.
a) The RHPA outlines the duties of the Colleges, what are those duties?
From the RHPA legislation specific to your profession is identified.
b) what is your legislation?
c) identify the scope of practice statement for your profession.
d) identify the Controlled Acts for your profession
e) Why is important to know your scope of practice and controlled acts?
3) The case study followed in HEAL 8170 was Medical Assistance in Dying (MAID)
a) Outlined the genesis of MAID from Sue Rodriquez to Bill C-7.
b) Identify the eligibility criteria for MAID.
c) What are some of the unique elements found in MAID, not identified in other legislation?
d) What do you think future amendments to MAID will include?
4) In class we reviewed Coroner and Public Inquiries.
a) Describe a Coroner's Inquiry.
b) Describe a Public Inquiry.
c) How can these inquiries influence legislation and health policy?
d) Why is it important for you to know about the roles of Inquiries?
5) Identify and explain one topic in this course (HEAL 8170) that you this think is important to your future career as a health care leader. Outline how you would apply the learnings of this topic to your practice. (NB do not pick a topic from a previous answer or that was used on the midterm). Tip- You can choose lobbying (lobbyist) as it was not chosen in my midterm answer and pick one area(be specific how you might apply learning as health care leader).