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COMM8140: Assignment 6
The purpose of this assignment is to document your progress with your Emotional Intelligence (EI) improvement plan. ( Please check EI plan Assignment 1 file and after reading that you can write imaginary progress of 2 pages(what progress you have completed or remain incomplete, from the time I did assignment 1 till now(assignment 6))) . so self refection of 2 pages including table)
• Using your EI Plan – Assignment 1 (file attached by same name,pfa) add a final column titled “progress”
• In this column – where you have completed your goal – mark “complete”. Where you did not complete – briefly outline what happened.
• If you updated your goals during the course – note what was updated and why in the progress column. Sometimes we may overextend ourselves and during the course of the goal we can re-evaluate and update goals. Note where you did this.
• Add a final column to your plan.
• APA formatting where required
• Ensure spelling, grammar and professional writing style are used
• See rubric “Assignment 1” for specific marking details (picture of marking criteria attached)
Suggested Table Format and examples. This table aims to help you be specific and focused.
Examples SMART GOAL Dates How can your accountability partners assist you? Progress
#1: Self awareness Quiet Meditation:
Twice a week in the evenings starting June 15th until August 15th I will close my eyes, sit upright, deep breath for 10 minutes and work on stilling my body so I can become more aware of myself and how I am feeling.
June 15th –
August 15th I will update my accountability partners every 2 weeks on my progress and what I have experienced as a result. I need them just to listen and not provide advice COMPLETE
#2: Self Awareness In a journal I will write one word before I meditate and write one word after the 10 minutes of meditation. June 15th –
August 15th I will share my words I wrote before and after my stillness every 2 weeks via email with my two accountability partners. I need them to acknowledge my email. INCOMPLETE. Did this for 2 weeks and then did not write after meditation. Found I didn’t have my book with me and it was enough just to do my meditation.
3. Self Management I will ensure I get 30 minutes of walking exercise 3 times a week. June 15th –
August 15th I will update my accountability partners every 2 weeks with my progress and if I do not fulfill this goal I will ask them to help me reorganize my schedule to make time for this important activity. COMPLETE
4 Self Management During my walk I will not check my phone and I will be fully present in my walking June 15th –
August 15th I will update my accountability partners every 2 weeks with my progress. COMPLETE