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Assess the extent to which you would support the view the development of an omnichannel approach in the context and design of Channel Strategy is becoming more important than the use traditional physical channels Such as the use of intermediaries. Select an organisation of your choice from the retail sector And access the approach It adopts To utilizing an omnichannel strategy. Should be 3000 to 3500 with atleast 20 academic readings and references
1. Assess the extent to which you would support the view the development of an omni-channel approach in the context of the design and implementation of channel strategy is becoming more important than the use of traditional physical channels such as the use of intermediaries.
You are expected to engage with the relevant strands of academic literature and material from the internet.
Select an organisation of your choice from the retail sector and assess the approach it adopts to utilising an omni-channel strategy.
1. The assignment can be presented in either report or essay format, unless specified in the topic question.
2. It should be structured between 3,000 to 3,500 words.
3. You are expected to make full use of the electronic library services to access relevant academic and industry-based articles and research.
4. You are expected to make extensive use of material from the electronic library services.
5. While there is no set number of references that you should use, it is expected that you would make use of around twenty or so to develop your assignment and your line of argument.
TIPS (Try to work within this framework)
• Distribution / Retail
• Comparison between multi and traditional
• Seamless experience for the consumer
• Forces for change, led by retail other industries following?
• Focus on what it’s asking in terms of design and implementation for competitive advantage
• Is this something you argue for or against?
• What is channel strategy? (Channel selection, Distribution intensity, and Integration)
• What is Omnichannel?
• Include Definitions
• As marketers Omnichannel approach no longer should we? but how?? What do we need to make it happen?
• 4 x I’s of Omni (Interest, Instore, Internet & Inventory)
• Examples to demonstrate the success
• Assess what is known and then compare with a chosen company…
• How does that company do it? What challenges? Issues?
• Customer expectations
• Key article: Bell**
Suggested Articles

Article Title
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