Recent Question/Assignment

The term assignment is based on and adapted from a real-life project that is currently operational in Malaysia. Since you will be working with a real-life project, serious considerations should be given to your work. This is an exceptional opportunity for you to put together all that you have learned thus far, over and beyond the Project Management course.
Project Background
The ill-fated Automated Enforcement System (AES) has been given a new breath of life recently. AES Solution Sdn Bhd, a government-owned company under the Ministry of Finance Incorporated had taken over the two concessionaires contracted to set up the system (Beta Tegap Sdn Bhd & ATES Sdn Bhd). The re-implementation of AES reflects a serious move by the government to reduce road fatalities. While AES involves issuing summonses for the related traffic offences, its primary objective is to educate people to be good and responsible road users and ultimately reduce the number of deaths due to the road accidents.
Your company, Prime Mojo Resources Sdn Bhd (PMR) has been recently commissioned by AES Solutions Sdn Bhd to resume the implementation of the RM700 million AES nation-wide projects. In addition to the those unit installed by the former concessionaires, PMR is to ensure the installation and roll-outs of AES at pre-identified 800 “black spots” throughout all the 4 main regions in the Peninsular as well Sabah & Sarawak within the next 5 years. The scope of the project includes leading a nation-wide public relation (PR) “roadshow with various government agency partners.
Your Tasks
You are to assume a role as a Project Manager for PMR Sdn Bhd, in providing overall leadership for the successful implementation of these AES roll-outs. As the budget release becomes more stringent these days, you are to prepare & submit the detailed Project Plan to
the Project Sponsor (AES Solutions) & Partners (RTD, MIROS & PDRM), to be executed within the budget allocated & the project duration specified.
Your Deliverables
The plan/report must include the following components:
• Introduction
• Project Objectives/Goals
• Project organization (team members & roles)
• Responsibility Matrix
• Risk Analysis - describe possible project risks, the likelihood of these risks arising & the risk resolution strategies developed
• Required resources -- people, equipment, materials & facilities needed to complete the project)
• Project success criteria
• Change control systems
• Network Diagram/Gantt Chart & project milestone (MS Project/Excel)
• Project closures (including lessons learnt)
Your report should be of 12 to 15 pages, Arial & 1.5 spaced. You are free to make reasonable “assumptions” within the project context, to enhance your overall project report.