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Title: Utilizing Nagios for Network monitoring with emphasis on Intrusion Detection
Chapter 3: Methodology (This chapter comprises of four sections: Methodology, Project Plan, Requirements Analysis and Initial Design.) 1- Write about any Four Methodology include (What, Why, advantages and disadvantages for each methodology). Then select the best one for your project with explain wy select it and why not the other methodology. 2- Planning a- WBS include (Tasks/Times) by use MS project. Also Gantt chart . b- Risk Planing (Hardware risk, Software Risk and General Risk). c- Communication Plan 3- Analysis a- Data Gathering (Primary and secondary data (questionnaires, interviews, site visits, lab experiments, literature review, documents, etc.) b- Data Analysis c- Requirement Analysis (hardware list and Software list) 4- Design (initiate design) Providing diagrams/tables to illustrate the design Providing screenshots of initial prototypes