Recent Question/Assignment

1.Watch the movie, The Help (available in HBO Max, and I believe also in Netflix, or online for pay per view).
2. Finish READING Evaristo's short story, -Ditinha- (POSTED in the READINGS Folder)
This -week-, again, all the works deal with women of color and labor.
a) In the film and in Evaristo's story, the audience is presented with a -crime- against property committed by a maid. Look up the legal definition of CRIMES against PROPERTY and CRIMES against HUMANITY. Based on these definitions, who would you say are the real victims of crimes in the works we analyzed this week? Justify your answer.
B) A major claim for equality of the Second Wave of the Feminist Movement in the 60's was LABOR RIGHTS. In the movie The Help, compare young Skeeter's career aspirations to Aibileen's and Minny's realities. How is Sojourner Truth's speech relevant to this issue?
d) What is the real crime in both stories?
3. Watch the preview for the documentary, Nail It, about the experiences of Vietnamese women working in the multi-million dollar nail industry in the US.
4. Read Sarah Maslin Nir's article, -The Price of Nails-, and the browse the Gender Gap Pay website
This is the article:
This is another article:
nailed it video: