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This assignment consists of FIVE (5) tasks and accounts for 100% of the overall mark for this unit. Assignment Notes In this assignment you will persuade an international brand to employ you as their digital marketing strategist by writing a report that outlines an integrated digital marketing strategy. • You must complete all FIVE (5) tasks in this assignment
• The total assignment should be 4,000 words including Tasks 2-5 but excluding; Task 1, the bibliography and the appendix. Please limit your appendix to 4 pages.
• Please submit your assignment as ONE (1) document. Before you begin the assignment, there are some preliminary tasks you must complete. Selecting a brand Choose a brand that is famous in one country or globally, so there is plenty of published information about it which can be found by web search. Check that the brand has a strong online presence including via social media. Choose a brand that you find interesting or which you already know something about. This will help motivate you and may lead to some good insights which will improve your assignment. Reviewing the job advert Imagine that this job advert is for the brand you have chosen. You are trying to persuade the brand you have chosen to employ you as their digital marketing strategist. Read the following job advert very carefully and make sure your report meets their requirements. Head of Digital Marketing - Up to £100,000 Looking for something new and exciting to get your teeth into? Join an international team for a well-known brand as their talented Head of Digital Marketing! In order to stay on top of their game, they are now looking for a forward-thinking Head of Digital Marketing to take the reins and dominate their overall marketing strategy. The fundamental objective in this role is to drive the continued success of the company’s online marketing activity to achieve increased customer acquisition, retention and brand awareness with excellent ROI.
Have you got what it takes? Keep reading… Main Roles and Responsibilities of the Head of Digital Marketing:
• outline the customer acquisition and retention strategies for the business and track performance against clear targets.
• accountable for the ongoing development of all campaigns across CRM, PPC, Affiliates, SEO, Social and other online channels.
• work with external agencies for Affiliates, Display, SEO and Paid Social.
• liaise with main suppliers and brands to maximise the potential of joint marketing campaigns.
• utilise web analytics tools to drive the business forward and improve overall customer profitability. • produce reports for senior members of the team, making recommendations for improvements. Page 3 of 7 Digital Marketing and Communication © NCC Education Limited 2019-2022
• ad-hoc project management responsibilities working closely alongside the technical development teams.
If you are interested in this role, produce a fully referenced 4,000 word report outlining your integrated digital strategy for our business. We are a research led, data driven company so we want to see that you have; exceptional skills, knowledge and understanding of the cutting edge academic theory in this field, have researched our business thoroughly, and can write a convincing, well supported strategy that will help us reach new heights of success and profitability.
NB: The following task are written as if by the brand you have chosen. When the task says ‘we’ or ‘our’ that refers to the brand you have chosen.
Write a 4,000 word report that addresses the following tasks:
Task 1 Overview Clearly identify and give a 200 word overview of the brand you have chosen at the beginning of your assignment.
Name the brand, state which area(s) you’ll focus on, and give an idea of their product range/ marketing focus/ revenue and any other relevant information. You will not be marked on this overview nor is it included in your word count, but it is a mandatory part of your assignment and will give your examiner the context they need to assess your work.
Task 2 Understanding our Customers 25 marks
Critically assess how our customers are changing and what we need to learn about them. Propose how we should capture and analyse customer data to understand levels of engagement with our campaigns and products.
Task 3 Marketing Mix 25 marks
Analyse the marketing tools and techniques available and give a fully justified recommendation of which tools and techniques we should employ. Focus on the perfect marketing mix for us, explaining your choice of digital marketing channels and how these will be managed to enhance customer experience.
Task 4 Strategy and Activities 25 marks
Outline a set of objectives linked to a fully justified ONE (1) year multi-channel strategy that allows for a flexible, creative and responsive approach to campaigns. You should include a timeline of activities.
Task 5 Measuring and Monitoring 25 marks
Provide KPIs to monitor, measure and manage the strategy, linked to our key objectives. Give clear, detailed methods to achieve useful monitoring, measuring and management