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Module Title Business Planning Module Code 6N4105
Technique Assignment Weighting 70%
“An assignment is an exercise carried out in response to a brief with specific guidelines as to what should be included. An assignment is usually of short duration and may be carried out over a specified period of time”
You are required to draw up a proposed Business Plan for a potential business (One in which you have nominated), in your report please include the following:
1. Identify the aims, objectives and the unique selling point of the proposed
business [5 marks]
2. Clearly identify the strengths of the proposed business. [5 marks]
3. Identify and justify the trading status.
Recognise the requirements of the relevant legislation in relation to the trading
status that applies to your proposed business. [2 marks]
4. Examine the roles and responsibilities of personnel. [4 marks]
5. Identify the target market and their requirements. [3 marks]
6. Clearly identify skills requirements for the operation of the business. [4 marks]
7. Recognise the need for external advisors / agencies. [3 marks]
8. Identify the relevant employment legislation to be met by the business. [4 marks]
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9. Research and calculate the costs of acquiring and managing the Business. (E.g. costs associated with acquiring the premises, if there will be any deposits or securities in relation to suppliers etc. How much will it cost to run the business for a year,
account for overheads). [4 marks]
10. Clearly identify the equipment, tools and materials required by the
Business. [4 marks]
11. Evaluate supplier choice relating to the business. [3 marks]
12. Identify relevant sources of finance. [2 marks]
13. Produce financial forecasts for the business. [6 marks]
14. Determine the customer service/ quality control policies of the business. [5 marks]
15. Produce a plan for effective marketing / sales. [6 marks]
16. Explain the process of establishing a working relationship with
professional bodies agencies using primary research. [5 marks]
17. Presentation of Business Plan [5 marks]
Please note:
Question 8: this question will require independent research into current legislation
Question 2: all points made should be backed up.
Example: If the student gives strength, they will need to back up why it is a strength with examples
Any results issued are provisional and subject to confirmation from the QQI External Authenticator.
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