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Course MBA – UCAM
Course Level Postgraduate
Module Name Strategic Management and Leadership
Awarding Body CIQ/UCAM
Module Code CIQGM705
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Assignment brief IV by Dr. Vivek Mohan
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Assessment type Marks Marks Awarded
Task 1: Report 70
Task 2: Organizational Redesign 30
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Comments for REDO submission (If applicable)
70% and above
(Distinction) The assignment evaluated is of a high to exemplary standard. The work addresses clearly and articulately the assignment requirements and thus meets and satisfies all the learning outcomes (either well or in an exemplary way). The work demonstrates: clear knowledge; references to appropriate academic literature; analysis; critical evaluation; and originality of argument. It is structured and presented to a high (or exemplary) standard. Referencing conventions are fully observed.
60 to 69%
(Merit) The assignment evaluated is of a good to a high standard. Substantial knowledge, comprehension and analysis is evident throughout. Arguments presented are clear and focussed with a logical structure in place. There is clear evidence of critical evaluation of a wide range of theories/perspectives from academic literature and some independent thought. The work is well-written and addresses well all of the learning outcomes. Referencing conventions are fully observed.
50 to 59%
(Pass) The assignment evaluated is of a fair to good standard. Adequate knowledge, comprehension and analysis is evident throughout. The arguments presented have a logical structure and show some critical evaluation in places, although there may be limited evidence of an independent perspective. There is evidence of some good engagement with some of the appropriate literature. Learning outcomes have been largely met and to an appropriate degree. Referencing conventions are observed.
40 to 49%
(Fail/Redo) The assignment evaluated is of a basic standard. The arguments presented have some logical structure and are supported by academic literature in most cases. The academic literature used is outside of the suggestions made in the module guide but remains limited. Little critical evaluation is evident, and the work tends more widely towards a descriptive style. Learning outcomes have been addressed in a basic but satisfactory way. Referencing conventions are mostly observed.
Fail Grades
30 to 39%
(Module retake) The assignment evaluated is of a limited standard. Limited use of academic literature and as such knowledge and argument is very weak. A simple descriptive style with no evidence of critical evaluation throughout. Over-reliance on simplistic, limited sources. Referencing conventions may not be observed. Some learning outcomes met but in a weak and simplistic way. The work is needs to be developed in greater depth and detail to move to a passable standard at this level of study
29% and Below
(Module retake) The assignment evaluated is of an unacceptable standard. There is little or no evidence of knowledge and understanding that is required at this level. Referencing is inadequate or non-existent. The learning outcomes have not been addressed fully and the work requires significant modification to bring it to a passable standard.
Module Description
This module is designed to help students understand and evaluate various aspects of Strategic Management in a global context. The module explores theories, models and frameworks to provide insight on how an organization’s life cycle evolves through various stages to achieve excellence. The module helps students to evaluate the relationship between organizational strategies, performance and stakeholder expectations.
Learning Outcomes
LO1. Analyse the concepts and theories of strategic management and critically evaluate the relationship between strategy, stakeholder expectations and organizational performance.
LO2. Evaluate the impact of current and emerging Economic, Political and Cultural factors on strategic management in an International context.
LO3. Formulate business strategies under challenging circumstances of Innovation and Change and evaluate those that contribute to the success of a particular organization.
LO4. Develop plans for the implementation of business strategies and enhance Stakeholder Expectations.
1. Materials Access
All learning materials are provided in the form of a module kit and can be accessed from the Learning Management system (LMS)
2. Learning Hours
Students need to be aware of their commitment requirements in regard to study time. In order to give you an indication of that, we have based the following information on the United Kingdom (UK) Higher Education Quality Assurance Agency guidelines. “The notional learning hours associated with qualifications, programmes and individual units of study are based on a broad agreement across institutions that students can expect to spend 10 hours learning on average in order to gain one academic credit unit” (QAA 2006).
3. Re-sit
If you do not secure a pass, please read closely the feedback and speak with your Course leader(s) or faculty. After consulting the feedback, close attention is essential to rework on the areas of weakness, and then resubmit the work at the next opportunity. As per the QAA requirements, only one REDO is allowed where the marks will be capped at a Pass.
4. Plagiarism
All forms of plagiarism are taken seriously, and any suspected cases will be investigated thoroughly. If a case is found proven, then the work will be graded as a fail and the case will be reviewed by the academic committee.
5. Student appeals
There are no re-evaluations as the marks are graded and internally verified before release. However, as per our appeals policy, a student can make an appeal to the course leader which will be then reviewed by the academic committee (please check our academic policies and procedures manual for more information)
6. Assignment submission extensions
Students can apply for extensions via the LMS based on extenuating circumstances (if any) with evidence (proof) as per our extensions policy.
General Guidelines
1. Complete the ‘To be filled by the student section’ in the cover page.
2. All assignments must be submitted as an electronic document in MS word via the LMS (Use 12 Times New Roman script with 1.5 spacing between lines)
3. The results are declared only if the student has met the mandatory attendance requirement of 75% and/or minimum 50 % under extenuating circumstances approved and ratified by the academic committee and the examination board.
4. The assignment should not contain any contents with references cited from websites such as,,,, Wikipedia but should contain references/citations from credible academic journal and articles.
5. Submit the assignment in MS word document with the file name being:
First Name Last Name _ Module Code
Example: John Smith_GM705
I have filled the student Information columns below.
The contents of my assignment have been submitted to Turnitin and I have attached the Turnitin report
I have strictly followed Harvard Referencing Style and Citations.

Assignment Task 1: Strategic Report [70 Marks-Max 3500 words]
“Experts have opined for decades on the reasons behind the spectacular failure rates of strategy execution. In 2016, it was estimated that 67% of well-formulated strategies failed due to poor execution. There are many explanations for this abysmal failure rate, but a 10-year longitudinal study on executive leadership conducted by my firm showed one clear reason. A full 61% of executives told us they were not prepared for the strategic challenges they faced upon being appointed to senior leadership roles. It’s no surprise, then, that 50%–60% of executives fail within the first 18 months of being promoted or hired.”
The above extract has been taken from the article published in Harvard Business Review titled “Executives fail to execute strategy because they are too internally focused” by Ron Carucci.
In the context of the above extract, learners should write a strategic report to help save a company that is on the ropes: it is losing money, it is losing market share, and it seems to have lost its identity. Unless you intervene, the company will have to fold. The company should be a real company that is encountering the above-mentioned scenario, it can be a multinational company or a small or medium enterprise.
Your first assignment is to help save a company that is on the ropes:
You will write a formal report and you may use graphics and charts in the report that will be sent ahead of the Board meeting to each member of the Board. The report should include full citations for all references (using the Harvard Referencing System format), to support your claims and approach. The body of the report should be clear, concise, and compelling. The report should be written in Word and should not exceed 3500 words.
Your report should include the following aspects:
1. Executive Summary and Introduction. (5 marks- Max 150 words)
2. Focus on the relationships between strategy, stakeholder expectations, and organizational performance, choosing a theory of strategic management to explain those relationships and expectations. Justify to the Board why you settled on this approach rather than some other one. (12 marks- Max 600 words)
3. Identify and evaluate the impact of external factors on strategic management in international context, particularly economic, political, and cultural factors. (12 marks- Max 650 words)
4. Based on the analysis of the environments (internal and external) use relevant tools and formulate a new strategy to face the challenges and meet organizational objectives. Critically evaluate the strategy and justify why this is the best way forward. (12 marks- Max 650 words)
5. Explain how your business strategy encourages and supports innovation and change, and evaluate your strategy against competing strategies based on its contribution to the success of your organization. (12 marks- Max 650 words)
6. Develop an implementation plan for the strategy you have developed and document how your plan will fulfill major stakeholder expectations. (12 marks- Max 650 words)
7. Recommendations and Conclusion (5 marks- Max 150 words).
Assignment Task 2: Organizational redesign [30 Marks-Max 1500 words]
For the above strategy how would you restructure the organization which enables it to overcome the challenges and improve innovation, collaboration and coordination? The report should not exceed 1500 words
Develop and submit a strategic restructuring plan. Include current organization charts and proposed organizational charts and describe the changes in detail.
1. Analyse the current organizational structure and evaluate its effectiveness in meeting organizational objectives. Describe the reasons why a restructure is required to enable the new strategy implementation. Include current organization chart and proposed organizational chart. Describe the proposed structural changes and its benefits in detail. (15 Marks-Max 750 words)
2. Critically evaluate the restructure plan addressing possible issues and negative consequences and ways to overcome them. (15 Marks-Max 750 words).