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Customer Service Blueprint
Assignment PART 1
Part 1 Draft Due Week 4 -5% (Due June
6th at 11:59pm)
Part 1 Final Due week 6 – 10% (Due June 20th at 11:59pm
Total worth: 15% of final grade
Assignment Part 1
Draft Due Week 4(June 6th @11:59pm) Final Due Week 6(June 20th@11:59pm) Instructions:
Design a customer service blueprint for a hotel that would like to serve a new customer market.
Management of the hotel would like to add a NEW small wing for VVIP guests.
Your consulting team has been hired to present the plans for this new VVIP wing. Management has presented you with the service processes and capabilities that they would like your team to develop for the VVIP wing, which are already in place for regular customers but would like your team to take the service to the next level to cater to the unique needs and expectations of the VVIP guest. (please see next slide for the five service processes)
Management has described the VVIP guest to be the following categories: Board of Directors, Owners, Partners, Celebrities, Loyalty members, Head of States or Countries, Senior Government officials etc.
Assignment Part 1
Draft Due Week 4 (June 6th@11:59pm)
Final Due week 6 (June 20th@11:59pm) Instructions:
Design five service processes for a VVIP guest (for the customer service blueprint use the excel template provided in the week 3
lesson folder).
There are five service processes that each team will design service processes for to meet the needs and expectation of a VVIP guest.
1. Reservations
2. Check-in
3. Room service order and deliver
4. Concierge service – obtain theatre tickets and arrange transport 5. Check Out
Deliverables – for each of the service capabilities for the VIP customer.
•Describe customer needs and expectations (identify both separately) consider target market needs and expectations of the VVIP customer for each of the five service areas: Reservation, check in, room service, concierge and check out. ( see chart example on next slide)
•Identify each staff member involved with their job duties and job title, identify the skills each staff will need to work the VVIP service for the job duties and job title as well as any training required for staff to prepare them for VVIP service. Identify for each of the service areas: reservation, check in, room service, concierge, check out. (see chart example on next slide)
•Identify only ONE Fail (F) and as many waits (W) required from the Fail.
•Include the estimated time required to deliver each service process.
•Using the excel template create the customer service blueprint of the five service processes and all the interactions, arrows, ONE Fail and Wait(s).

Example of how to set up a chart of the deliverables for VVIP guest needs and expectations.

Example of how to set up a chart of the deliverables for VVIP staff
Your team is required to submit the following:
1) Written report submission for each of the service capabilities with 2-3 pages for each, this is for the Needs and expectations as well as the staff skills, training, job title and job duties for each of the five service processes,
2) Excel spreadsheet blueprint for all five service encounters.
3) Prepare a PPT with a script which will include the customer service blueprint in the talking notes section of the PPT slides. Keep the ppts brief and short, use charts etc. and talking notes should be crisp and interesting to engage the audience.
4) Do not cut and past the report into the talking notes section, make it unique and individual, remember you are the content expert, express your part naturally and professionally.
APA citations are required for all research and images used in all submissions including in the PPT presentation and script.
Submission Details
Part 1 Draft Due Week 4 – June 6th@11:59pm
Part 1 Final Due Week 6 – June 20th@11:59pm
• Submit the completed excel spread sheet for customer service blueprint for all five encounters in the drop box.
• Submit the report of all the deliverables in the drop box. Report must include a title page, table of contents and APA reference page.
• Submit the PPT slides with a script for each slide (a script is the talking notes each team member would say it they were doing a live in class presentation).
• Please include APA citations (intext and APA citations page) for all research used.
Here is a great article to get you started on the VVIP service process for the customer service blueprint
• 06-vip-and-vvip.html

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